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CSE’s Barrington Miller and 17 Issuers Featured in High Times Magazine

The cannabis industry continues to prove not only is it budding, it’s in a full-blown growth spurt. 

As one of North America’s fastest-growing industries, it’s important to monitor trends, legislation, and key players, and there’s no publication more on the pulse than High Times magazine, a top resource for the latest cannabis information since 1974.

Every year, High Times releases a list of the 100 most influential figures in the cannabis space. In April, they released The High Times 100 of 2021, and, excitedly, CSE Director of Listed Company Services, Barrington Miller, was featured, as well as 17 CSE-listed issuers. 

The CSE couldn’t be more proud of Barrington and these incredible cannabis entrepreneurs! It’s an impressive accomplishment and reaffirms the CSE’s reputation as a best-in-class marketplace for publicly traded cannabis stocks.

“It’s amazing to be recognized alongside these cannabis companies, professionals, and advocates. The CSE is proud of our contribution to the sector and we’re thankful to not only our issuers, but to everyone who is uplifting the industry. Special thanks to High Times for continuing to blaze that trail,” said CSE’s Barrington Miller. 

Check out the executives from the CSE-listed companies featured:

  • Leo Gontmakher, CEO of 4Front Ventures (CSE:FFNT)
  • Abner Kurtin, Founder and CEO of Ascend Wellness Holdings (CSE:AAWH.U)
  • Andy DeFrancesco, Former Chairman & CEO of SOL Global Investments (CSE:SOL)
  • Jason Wild, Chairman of TerrAscend (CSE:TER)
  • Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve Cannabis (CSE:TRUL)
  • George Archos, CEO, and Sam Dorf, Former Chief Growth Officer of Verano Holdings (CSE:VRNO
  • Daniel Carcillo, Founder and CEO of Wesana Health Holdings (CSE:WESA)
  • Robert Beasley, CEO of Cansortium (CSE:TIUM.U)
  • Nicholas Vita, CEO of Columbia Care (CSE:CCHW)
  • Charlie Bachtell, Founder and CEO of Cresco Labs (CSE:CL
  • Jonathan Sandelman, Chairman and CEO Ayr Wellness (CSE:AYR.A)
  • Joe Bayern, CEO of Curaleaf Holdings (CSE:CURA)
  • Matt Stang, Co-Founder and CEO of Delic Holdings (CSE:DELC)
  • Ben Kovler, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Green Thumb Industries (CSE:GTII)
  • Jim Cacioppo, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Jushi Holdings (CSE:JUSH)
  • Robert Groesbeck, Co-CEO of Planet 13 Holdings (CSE:PLTH)
  • Brad Rogers, CEO of Red White & Bloom Brands (CSE:RWB)

Alyssa Barry and Caroline Sawamoto on the Capital Markets Comeback Tour | The CSE Podcast Ep22-S2

To kick off the Capital Markets Comeback Tour, a joint event by the CSE and irlabs, the CSE’s Barrington Miller and Anna Serin are joined by Caroline Sawamoto and Alyssa Barry, CPIR, the Principals and Co-Founders of irlabs, an investor relations advisory firm. The four discuss the exciting cross-country event, the Capital Markets Comeback Tour, including a sneak peek at companies attending.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington, Anna, Alyssa, and Caroline discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and background
02:00 – How was irlabs started?
03:40 – Vancouver’s significance to the Canadian capital markets
07:00 – What to expect from the tour
11:00 – What does success look like for irlabs?
12:50 – List of participating companies
13:40 – Social media links and website information
15:25 – Alyssa’s music-related past
18:15 – Tour dates and cities
19:55 – Additional contact information

About Alyssa Barry
Alyssa is a Principal and Co-Founder at irlabs. She has over 15-years of investor relations, capital markets and corporate communications experience. An activist by nature, she has raised over $1 billion of capital, led some of Canada’s most successful activism campaigns, managed M&A transactions and enhanced board governance frameworks. She was formerly Head of Strategy – Operations and Communications at Artis REIT, Vice-President of Capital Markets and Communications at Sandpiper Group and Manager, Investor Relations at Amica Mature Lifestyles Inc. She is known for her agility, creative prose and relentless pursuit of success for her clients.

About Caroline Sawamoto
Caroline is a Principal and Co-Founder at irlabs. She has over 15-years of investor relations and capital markets experience across various exchanges and industries. She has supported numerous financing activities, both public and private, and helped raise over $650 million of capital. Caroline began her investor relations career with Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. in 2006. Her passion for making an impact through clean energy solutions led her to join Ballard Power Systems Inc. and Westport Fuel Systems Inc., both of which are dual-listed on the NASDAQ and TSX stock exchanges. Prior to co-founding irlabs, she was Investor Relations Manager at Alabaster Homes, a privately-owned real estate development company in Vancouver. She is known for her diligence, poise and can-do attitude.

Learn more about irlabs at https://www.irlabs.ca/.

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Ashish Malik on Agritech Using Bees | The CSE Podcast Ep21-S2 (Earth Day 2022)

In a special episode for Earth Day, the CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Ashish Malik, CEO of Bee Vectoring Technologies (CSE:BEE), to discuss this agriculture technology company’s use of commercial bees as a more sustainable alternative to traditional pesticides. The conversation also addresses the growing demand for agriculture across the world due to population growth.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington and Ashish discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and background
02:12 – How does Bee Vectoring make the world better?
04:20 – Limitations of the system
05:30 – How bees are involved with the system’s process
07:10 – What is colony collapse disorder?
08:40 – What kinds of bees are used?

About Ashish Malik
Ashish Malik is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BVT. He was previously the VP of Global Marketing for Biologics at Bayer CropScience. He was responsible for managing the portfolio of biological assets for the company and advancing the strategy to develop integrated crop solutions that include biological products together with traditional chemical products, seeds, traits, seed treatments, and services. Ashish joined Bayer CropScience through the company’s acquisition of AgraQuest in 2012. At AgraQuest, he was Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and a member of the company’s Executive Team. Other previous roles have included Head of Commercial Operations for the Home Care Division at Syngenta, Business Unit Director at Imerys, and Marketing Manager at BFGoodrich. Ashish serves on the Board of the Biopesticides Industry Alliance and holds an MBA with concentrations in Finance and Marketing from Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Swarthmore College.

Learn more about Bee Vectoring Technologies International at https://www.beevt.com/.

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Juan Carlos Giron Jr. on Metals without Mining | The CSE Podcast Ep19-S2 (Earth Day 2022)

In a special episode for Earth Day, the CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Juan Carlos Giron Jr., Senior Vice President of EnviroGold Global (CSE:NVRO), to discuss this clean technology company’s efforts to reprocess mine tailings and produce metals without mining. The conversation also addresses the importance of leaving a lasting environmental legacy.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington and Juan discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and background
02:00 – EnviroGold’s extraction process
04:40 – Leaving a positive environmental legacy
06:00 – Socials and other information about EnviroGold

About Juan Carlos Giron Jr.
Juan Carlos Giron Jr. is a senior executive with over a decade of experience in finance, management, and strategic development. Prior to joining EnviroGold Global, he was Chief Financial Officer of a NYSE-listed metals and mining firm. He began his career in UBS’s International Division, a world-leading provider of financial services. He is skilled in strategic planning, financial modeling, agile management techniques, and market intelligence and has a strong compliance background.

Learn more about EnviroGold Global at https://www.envirogoldglobal.com/.

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Dr. Tamir Gedo on Environmental Impacts of Cooking Oil | The CSE Podcast Ep18-S2 (Earth Day 2022)

In a special episode for Earth Day, CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Dr. Tamir Gedo, CEO of Beyond Oil, to discuss the company’s product for cooking oils that targets free fatty acids. The conversation also addresses the environmental issue of getting rid of cooking oil at scale and how their product could be part of the solution.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington and Dr. Gedo discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and background
00:59 – Beyond Oil’s free fatty acid extraction technology
01:30 – Benefits of extracting free fatty acid from cooking oil
03:40 – Effects on flavour and taste
06:30 – How to use the product
09:00 – Environmental impacts
10:30 – How the idea for Beyond Oil started
14:00 – Effects of COVID-19 on the business

About Dr. Tamir Gedo
Dr. Gedo draws upon 25 years of experience as a marketing and business strategy expert serving in academic, government, and industry functions. Dr. Gedo’s extensive expertise in international marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, and business strategy has served him in his various leadership roles. He has contributed to a wide range of branding, strategic planning, and market penetration activities as a senior manager or executive director of major companies in a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical industry.

Learn more about Beyond Oil at https://www.beyondoil.co/.

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Colin Lynch on the Black Opportunity Fund | The CSE Podcast Ep17-S2

CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Colin Lynch, Managing Director at TD Asset Management, to discuss the Black Opportunity Fund (BOF), a registered charity that provides access to capital and capacity to Black entrepreneurs. The conversation addresses barriers to accessing capital in Canada, COVID-19’s impact, and steps to obtaining a grant or loan through BOF.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington and Colin discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and background
02:05 – What is the Black Opportunity Fund?
05:10 – How to apply for funding
09:00 – Requirements and repayment process
13:16 – Social media links and website information

About Colin Lynch
In 2020, Colin was named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, an annual recognition of the exceptional achievements of 40 outstanding Canadians under the age of 40. Top 40 has recognized more than 800 outstanding Canadians and is the country’s most coveted award for young business leaders. He is also a recipient of the Queen’s University Toronto Branch Award, which is presented to Toronto-area alumni who have distinguished themselves in their careers, in their volunteer work, in the arts, or in other ways they have contributed to society. In 2021, Colin was named a Trustee Emeritus of Queen’s University in recognition of his exemplary service to Queen’s University and its Board of Trustees.

Learn more about the Black Opportunity Fund at https://blackopportunityfund.ca/ 

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Chelsie Hodge & Arinn Ryan on Entrepreneurial Spirit | The CSE Podcast Ep16-S2 (IWD 2022)

CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Chelsie Hodge, Founder and CEO, and Arinn Ryan, Director of Marketing at Blender Bites (CSE:BITE), for a special International Women’s Day episode. The group discusses nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, and the journey they took to bring their business to market. The conversation also addresses overcoming challenges experienced by women entrepreneurs in the capital markets.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington, Chelsie, and Arinn discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Background and introduction
02:35 – Arinn Ryan’s journey
04:10 – Chelsie Hodge’s journey
06:40 – Arinn’s decision to join Blender Bites
09:00 – Overcoming CEO hurdles
11:30 – Blender Bites’ special announcement
12:40 – The pros and cons of social media
17:00 – Where to find Blender Bites on social media
18:45 – Supporting other women entrepreneurs
20:05 – Advice to Chelsie’s and Arinn’s younger selves

About Chelsie Hodge
Chelsie brings a unique skill set to the table with over a decade of working experience in the high-growth plant-based consumer packaged goods sector along with over fifteen years in capital market. Chelsie has held Sales and Business Development positions with industry disruptors such as VEGA along with Investor Relations roles for a variety of public company sectors.

About Arinn Ryan
Arinn is an experienced marketing and communications professional with a strong background in retail-focused marketing activations and influencer relations. A people connector by nature, Arinn strives to cultivate meaningful networks and relations and aspire to do work that moves people.

About Blender Bites Ltd.
Blender Bites is a Canadian company involved in the development and marketing of a line of premium frozen food products with a focus on functionality. Blender Bites was founded in 2016 and sell a pre-portioned “easy smoothie” product that is free of any unnecessary inner plastic packaging. Blender Bites products are organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. They contain no added sugars and are made in Canada. Blender Bites products are distributed nationally across Canada and are currently sold in over 800 stores, including Sobeys, Safeway, Save on Foods, Whole Foods Market, Buy-Low/Nesters, IGA, and Fresh Street, with a launch planned into the United States marketplace. Blender Bites anticipates expanding its plant-based footprint in North America through organic growth of the existing brand and through new acquisitions.

Learn more about Blender Bites Ltd. at https://thecse.com/en/listings/diversified-industries/blender-bites-limited

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Erica Williams on Overcoming CEO Hurdles | The CSE Podcast Ep15-S2 (IWD 2022)

CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Erica Williams, Founder and CEO of The Yumy Candy Company (CSE:TYUM), for a special International Women’s Day episode to discuss being a woman entrepreneur in the capital markets, including seeking opportunities, overcoming hurdles, and finding and providing support. The conversation also addresses brand marketing via social media.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington and Erica discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Background and introduction
02:30 – The creation of The Yumy Candy Company
06:30 – Marketing your brand with social media
09:30 – Dealing with social media negativity
12:20 – What advice would you give to your younger self?
13:30 – Tackling hurdles related to your position
16:05 – Team and culture
18:20 – Supporting other women entrepreneurs
19:20 – Childhood role models
21:55 – Social media links and other information

About Erica Williams
Erica is a serial entrepreneur and has a longstanding passion for health and wellness. She has always been a candy lover but couldn’t find a healthier option that was also affordable. Her health journey began years ago when she developed an unhealthy relationship with food and realized to live a healthier lifestyle, education was key. Erica undertook studies in Kinesiology at the University of Fraser Valley and even furthered her knowledge with personal training and nutritional certification. During her studies, Erica competed in fitness competitions across Canada and created a consistent, healthier lifestyle and positive attitude towards foods. The Yumy Candy Company Inc. is founded on the “Feel Good” philosophy Erica now follows in her day-to-day. From her experience with coaching clients, the number one thing on everyone’s agenda was searching for low-sugar, plant-based snack options.

About The Yumy Candy Company Inc.
The Yumy Candy Company is an affordable health-conscious low-sugar plant-based confectionery company based in Vancouver, British Columbia and it has developed a portfolio of healthier gelatine-free candies made from Non-GMO ingredients with proprietary recipes. All of its products are free of gelatin, soy, gluten, nuts, dairy, eggs, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, and genetically modified organisms.

Learn more about The Yumy Candy Company Inc. at https://thecse.com/en/listings/diversified-industries/the-yumy-candy-company-inc

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Discussions on our Other Selves with Tarisai Madambi and Theresa Nyabeze | The CSE Podcast Ep14-S2

CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Tarisai Madambi, Senior Manager at KPMG, and Theresa Nyabeze, Diversity & Inclusion Committee Co-Chair at The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), for a special Black History Month episode. The group discusses representation, intentional inclusion, and feeling comfortable with being your authentic self in the workplace.

Here’s an overview of what topics Barrington, Tarisai, and Theresa cover in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and Background
03:10 – Theresa’s professional journey
06:00 – Tarisai’s professional journey
10:25 – Bringing your full, authentic self to the workplace
20:05 – Intentional inclusion and professional friendships
24:05 – The importance of diversity of opinion
39:00 – The role of commercialization in diverse representation
48:30 – Calling people “in” vs calling them out
52:30 – Intentions and resulting impact

About Tarisai Madambi
Tarisai is a Finance leader providing strategic counsel to finance executives with a proven record of implementing transformation projects and programs. Currently, she maintains her focus on elevating the role of finance as a change leader and strategic business partner, embedding new technologies and innovation to deliver data-driven insights in decision-making. Tarisai is a passionate advocate for equity and inclusion with particular interest on matters related to mental health, gender, race and ethnicity. She was the motivating force behind establishing the Black Professionals Network in 2019 and continues to drive action on the firm’s Anti-Racism strategy to dismantle systemic barriers for under-represented groups.

About Theresa Nyabeze
Theresa Nyabeze is a Professional Mining Engineer who prides herself as a contributor to an industry that produces the materials with which the modern economy is built. In addition to her 20+ years career in mining, Theresa is actively engaged in promoting * Diversity and Inclusion in the mining industry as a whole*. As the co-Chair for Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM)’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee, she has led engagements aimed at educating professionals and organizations on the positive impact of diverse and inclusive workplaces. Theresa is an advocate for women and girls, and has published papers peering into the careers of women in mining, and also written a children’s book – Underground my mining adventure – to spur young girls to take up careers in STEM, using mining as a gateway. Theresa was recently named among top 100 Accomplished Black Women in Canada, an honour she shares with many notable figures including the Honourable Jean Augustine.

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Alex Halperin on the State of the Cannabis Market in the US | The CSE Podcast Ep13-S2

CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Alex Halperin, Editor of WeedWeek, to discuss the cannabis industry in the United States, with a particular focus on the markets in California, New York, and the southern states. The conversation also dives into the dynamic of politics in US federal legalization, WeedWeek’s 2022 outlook, and the potential role of Big Pharma in the sector.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington and Alex discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and background
04:30 – Cannabis culture in California
07:30 – The challenge of running a cannabis business in California
11:00 – New York’s cannabis market
13:30 – Oklahoma’s cannabis market
17:30 – Texas’ cannabis market
19:10 – Cannabis legalization in Washington
22:20 – WeedWeek’s outlook on 2022
25:10 – What is Delta-8?
28:50 – Big Pharma’s involvement in the cannabis market

About WeedWeek
Business journalist Alex Halperin started writing the WeedWeek newsletter in 2015. It now has more than 8,000 subscribers including many of the most influential figures in the cannabis world. They appreciate WeedWeek’s incisive writing, aggressive reporting and that they are editorially independent. Advertisers have no influence on their editorial content. In 2020, they launched a major expansion andthey now publish original reporting and analysis daily.

Learn more about WeedWeek at https://www.weedweek.com/

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