Countdown to Extraordinary Future 2019

Could today’s trash be the solution to ending global poverty? Can centennial lifespans become the norm? Will the substances considered criminal today be able to treat and resolve health concerns we see on the rise? The 2019 Extraordinary Future Conference offers attendees the chance to explore the ideas that are shaping the world of tomorrow, and to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to entrepreneurial innovation.

Now in its third year, the Canadian Securities Exchange is proud to once again sponsor the Extraordinary Future conference, which takes place in Vancouver on September 22nd and 23rd. Hosted by Cambridge House International, and featuring talks from thought leaders across a wide spectrum of industries in addition to a diverse lineup of exhibitors, XFuture will help distil the efforts of innovative imaginations and creative changemakers into a cohesive vision of the future.

With over 100 leading public and private technology companies and startups and more than 2,500 attendees expected, this event will be an amazing chance to meet entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors. And a quick look back at XFuture 2018 proves that there are a lot of reasons to get extraordinarily excited about this year’s event.

Highlights from Extraordinary Future 2018

The speakers at Extraordinary Future 2018 took on some of the most daring topics of the day, including an exploration of the fine line between illegal substances and medical marvels, the explosive growth of eSports, and trailblazing distributed ledger technology that has the potential to evolve the fundamentals of investing.

Richard Carleton presenting on investment and tokenized securities

In a controversial presentation on psychedelics, Hamilton Morris explained the potential applications of psilocybin. Leading a panel discussion on an equally hot topic, Genevieve Roch-Decter of Grit Capital guided a group of entrepreneurs in deconstructing one of the fastest-growing and most talked about market segments: eSports. Exemplifying the entrepreneurial, forward-looking spirit of the conference, CSE CEO Richard Carleton provided insights into the future of finance via tokenized securities, and this was just the beginning of a long list of insightful, eye-opening sessions that happened last year.

Looking Ahead to Extraordinary Future 2019

Life on the bleeding edge of innovation is familiar territory for the Exchange for Entrepreneurs. As with previous shows, this year’s conference will spark discussions about the changes that will revolutionize technology, society, and the economy. From biohacking, to psychedelics to sustainability, here’s a preview of some of the fascinating topics and personalities at this year’s show.

Future-Forward Speakers

Fitness and health expert, and host of his own podcast, Ben Greenfield will explore the topic of well-being in a high-tech world in his presentation on “The Future of Health: Biohacking and Beyond.” The presentation will explore forward-thinking concepts related to boosting mental and physical performance and extending life.

American ethnopharmacologist, research pharmacognosist, lecturer and author, Dennis McKenna will discuss “From the Plant Medicine Frontier – How Psychedelics like Psilocybin Could Upturn the Mental Health Industry.” This presentation will look into new ways of applying known psychoactive substances that have been controlled, instead of being utilized in the pharmaceutical industry.

Known for the innovative and revolutionary Plastic Bank solution that tackles poverty and ocean pollution simultaneously, David Katz is a dynamic, inspirational speaker described by many as “the best in the sustainability industry.” In an unprecedented move of ingenuity, Katz connected both the need of clean oceans and economic support in impoverished areas into a business that now produces recycled plastic pellets for commercial use. Katz ranks fourth in The World’s Top 100 Compassionate Business Leaders according to Salt Magazine for his entrepreneurial and inventive undertakings, and will be discussing sustainability and innovation in his presentation at the conference.

Looking into the future and constructing his vision of it through active entrepreneurship, Gerard Barron has a record of building globally-focused companies in technology, media and sustainable resource development. As the Chairman and CEO of DeepGreen Metals Inc., Barron is focused on making less-environmentally-disruptive nodule-derived base metals the norm for future automotive construction.

Entrepreneurial Exhibitors

Photo via Facebook: @cambridgehouseconferences

A glimpse of tomorrow can also be caught on the conference floor. With over 50 exhibitors displaying ideas, and products on the leading edge of innovation, this is a great opportunity to see what is driving growth in industries like canntech, eSports, agriculture, digital advertising, and much more. In addition to sponsoring and speaking at this year’s show, the CSE will also be visible on the show floor. Not only will the CSE have its own booth but several CSE-listed firms will also be exhibiting, including BevCanna Enterprises, Lexaria, Rubicon Organics and Bee Vectoring Technology.

New Edition of the Public Entrepreneur Magazine

Another reason to look forward to this year’s show will be the launch of the special Extraordinary Future issue of the CSE’s magazine, Public Entrepreneur. The theme of this issue is also forward-looking and extends the conversation about disruption and innovation by profiling entrepreneurs who are actively doing both in their respective industries. There is also an extra special reason to pick up this next issue as it will feature access to exclusive and groundbreaking content. The #XF2019 edition of Public Entrepreneur magazine will provide a new dimension on digital storytelling that will bring the exciting work of trailblazing entrepreneurs into a whole new light. Be sure to register here to receive your copy when it goes live or pick up an exclusive physical copy at the show itself.

See You in the Future!

Step into the future by joining the CSE, Cambridge House and an exceptional lineup of speakers and entrepreneurs at XFuture 2019. This show offers a unique opportunity to access the ideas, trends and technological innovations that have the potential to shape our future into something extraordinary.

Click here to register to attend the 2019 Extraordinary Future Conference today.

Paul Pedersen on Evolving Edibles with Advanced Extraction Technology

Paul Pedersen, CEO and Co-Founder of Nextleaf Solutions (CSE:OILS), joins Phillip Shum to discuss why the company decided to enter the cannabis space with a focus on cannabinoid extraction in lieu of plant production (1:12), what the upcoming Canadian legalization of edibles and concentrates means for Nextleaf (3:59), and the methods they use to turn dry biomass into standardized THC and CBD molecules for infused products (5:50). Listen until the end to hear how the company is taking a leadership role in the commercialization of intellectual property, and to learn what else is next for Nextleaf in 2020!

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Neil Seeman on Generating Actionable Insights with Incalculable Amounts of Data

Neil Seeman, Founder and CEO of RIWI Corp. (CSE:RIW), joins James Black to discuss how RIWI generates actionable insights via global trend tracking and predictive analysis, or “big data” (1:26), the company’s efforts to track consumer sentiment in China (5:34), and the challenges and opportunities that come with being a publicly-listed technology company (14:43). Listen until the end to hear how they use machine learning to evaluate the veracity of their data, for Neil’s thoughts on the new reality of investing in the tech world, and to learn more about the “spicy chicken problem.”

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Robert Galarza on Bringing Blockchain into the Cannabis World

Robert Galarza, CEO and Director of TruTrace Technologies Inc. (CSE:TTT), joins James Black to discuss how TruTrace established its position at the intersection of blockchain and cannabis (2:09), how their data management platform operates at various stages of cannabis production and testing (5:07), and why Major League baseball was an impetus to get into data architecture (11:21). Listen until the end to learn more about the company’s partnerships with Shoppers and Deloitte, to hear about Robert’s time as a lawyer, and his thoughts on how cannabis companies will be structured in the future.

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DealMaker Deals: Deconstructed

Our first instalment of Deals Deconstructed celebrates a groundbreaking raise from Stately Cannabis Brands Ltd. (“Stately”), a US focused cannabis strategic acquisition company founded by three serial entrepreneurs.

Trent Kitsch, Jeff Barber, and Ryan Foreman have already founded, scaled, and commercialized several Canadian success stories, including DOJA / HIKU (a vertically integrated cannabis lifestyle brand and brand house) and SAXX (premium apparel).

Stately plans on tapping into its deep network and leveraging its team’s proven expertise in cannabis, branding and consumer packaged goods to identify an emerging cannabis brand that has the potential to become a market leader and nationally recognized brand.

So, when it came time for the seasoned entrepreneurs to capitalize their newest venture, speed, efficiency and a broad reach driven by digital marketing was top of mind.

That’s where DealMaker makes new realities possible.

The deal was quarterbacked by Pushor Mitchell LLP, a premier regional firm based in British Columbia.

Using DealMaker, Stately and Pushor Mitchell were able to reach and close retail investors based around the world – leveraging the power of the internet. In just a matter of weeks, the company brought in approximately $9.6 million from over five hundred investors, all while based in their hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia.

Investors from
73 cities
4 continents
subscribed to Stately through DealMaker.

154 investors
completed their subscriptions within
24 hours
of receiving their e-mail invitations.

289 investors
closed their subscriptions
completely online
without needing to print or fax a single piece of paper.

Like many entrepreneurs, Trent, Jeff and Ryan like to be “hands-on,” so DealMaker’s real-time progress updates and data insights were much appreciated.

“We had access to an unprecedented depth and richness of insight with DealMaker. The ability to understand and adapt to our investors’ progress was a real game-changer.”
– Jeff Barber, founding partner and CEO, Stately Brands Cannabis Ltd.

DealMaker also unlocked tremendous efficiencies for the issuer’s counsel, Pushor Mitchell.  DealMaker helped the firm deliver nimble, cost-efficient solutions to a key client, while focusing its attention on providing high-value legal advice rather than pushing paper – a game-changer for capital raises.

“The use of the DealMaker platform reduced the number of email exchanges and phone calls, resulting in a more efficient process overall. DealMaker made it easy to keep track of the progress of our client’s financing.”
– Keith Inman, Partner, Pushor Mitchell LLP

Trent, Jeff, and Ryan know how to create excitement, they know how to operate efficiently, and they know how to build a business. And for Keith at Pushor Mitchell, reputation, client service and excellence are paramount.  Where speed, efficiency, and quality are critical, issuers and counsel need a reliable solution that keeps up with the pace of the markets. DealMaker delivers.

Want to learn more about Stately?

Stately Cannabis Brands can be reached at and

Are you ready for DealMaker?

If you’re ready to take advantage of the groundbreaking DealMaker platform, feel free to contact DealMaker at or  +1 855 550 1683.


CSE Unveils Media Centre and Celebrates 15 Years as a Recognized Exchange

Since its inception, the Canadian Securities Exchange has demonstrated exceptional leadership when it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation. On September 10, 2019, those themes took on an exciting new form with the official launch of the CSE Media Centre, a development that coincided with the CSE’s 15-year anniversary as a recognized stock exchange.

The introduction of the CSE Media Centre marks an important milestone in the evolution of the client experience with the CSE. This new space will provide a platform for CSE-listed companies to celebrate their own entrepreneurial milestones by participating in Market Opens. In addition, it will enable stakeholders and investors to engage with compelling digital and social media content featuring CSE-listed companies.

Located in the new CSE offices on the top floor of First Canadian Place in Toronto, and providing unobstructed views of the CN Tower and Lake Ontario, the CSE Media Centre is ideally situated to provide the CSE’s clients with a unique and inspiring space in which to engage in “big picture” thinking and discussions.

Anchoring this environment is the CSE Media Wall, a state-of-the-art digital LED media display. In addition to serving as a ceremonial backdrop for Market Opens, as well as a rich source of relevant news and information from the capital markets, it’s also an embodiment of the dynamic, diverse, and ambitious visions that characterize the entrepreneurial journey of publicly listed companies.


The CSE Media Centre also reflects the continuing investment in, and expansion of, the CSE’s digital ecosystem, which now includes a compelling range of audio, video, social media, and blog content. Companies that participate in Market Opens at the new Media Centre will be able to easily share these experiences via the CSE’s digital network, encouraging conversations about emerging trends and opportunities across a variety of industries, and helping stakeholders stay up to date on the latest developments from CSE-listed issuers.

“We are thrilled to launch the CSE Media Centre, the intersect of premier client service and compelling digital content, two themes we are truly passionate about at the CSE,” noted VP James Black. “We look forward to providing a venue to celebrate our clients’ success and sharing more engaging content across our digital channels in written, audio, and video formats.”

The CSE team had the honour of celebrating the inaugural Market Open, and ringing the official opening bell to usher in the day’s trading session. Notable members of the team on-hand included Bonnie Lauer, Mark Faulkner, Robert Cook, Radhika Ramkarran, Robert Theriault, Adam Conyers, David Timpany, Bernard Chua, and Richard Carleton, who all share the distinction of being part of the CSE team since its inception in 2003. This core team has been instrumental in shaping the evolution of the CSE, so it was especially impactful to celebrate this latest milestone with them.

Check out our video showcasing the launch of our Media Centre and inaugural Market Open:

The unveiling of the CSE Media Centre took place on the CSE’s 15-year anniversary as a recognized stock exchange. This celebration not only represents the growth and successes the CSE has enjoyed over the past 15 years, but the entrepreneurial vision that has driven these achievements, and will continue to do so as the CSE looks towards the next 15 years, and beyond.

Added CSE CEO Richard Carleton, “Since our recognition as a stock exchange in 2004, the CSE has evolved to become home to over 530 listed securities, proving itself to be Canada’s Exchange for Entrepreneurs, including establishing itself as the pre-eminent global listing venue for companies in the cannabis sector. The introduction of the CSE Media Centre is just the first of several new initiatives we are excited to unveil in the coming months.”

For more details about the CSE Media Centre, including schedules, video, and content from recent market opens, please visit the Market at the CSE Media Centre page on the CSE website.

Gianni Kovacevic on the Vital Role of Copper in Sustainable Energy Solutions

Gianni Kovacevic, CEO of Copperbank Resources (CSE:CBK) and author of My Electrician Drives a Porsche?, joins Grace Pedota to discuss how he became a “modern energy expert” (1:12), how electrification is causing a fundamental shift in the automotive industry (3:27), and why copper is such a vital resource as many industries move towards sustainable, emission-free solutions (10:19). Listen until the end to hear about Gianni’s road trip across America in an electric car, for more information about his book, and for the biggest investing lesson he’s learned.

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Marlene Street Forrest on Creating Wealth via Transparent Processes

Marlene Street Forrest, Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, joins Barrington Miller in the podcast studio during the JSE’s visit to Toronto to discuss their 50th anniversary and recent recognition as a top-performing exchange (1:46), the launch of the Jamaica Social Stock Exchange (3:21), and the requirements for listing on the JSE (4:53). Listen until the end to learn about what’s ahead in 2020 for the JSE, including the expansion of their online trading platform, and for their key message to investors about creating wealth.

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Shira Adler on the Role of CBD in Holistic Wellness

Shira Adler, Founder and CEO of Synergy and author of The ABCs of CBD, joins Grace Pedota via Skype to talk about the inspiration behind her book and its reception so far (4:09), her role as an advocate for CBD and the integral part it plays in holistic wellness (6:01), and her thoughts on the growing number of influential women in the cannabis space (8:00). Listen until the end to learn more about her upcoming speaking engagements around the world, her new book currently in progress, and to hear about her time as a Bravo reality TV star!

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Press Play: Reeling in the power of videos to reach the right investors through social media

A collaborative and engaging form of communication within the investment community is an integral component of a well-managed public company. This can range from traditional and digital media to conferences and networking, however social media and video marketing are the key elements in raising brand awareness most effectively.

When it comes to videos, they are one of the most powerful tools to reach investors because they are easily digestible and more memorable than plain text. In a world where content can be shared via smartphones in a matter of minutes, millions of people can access your content quicker. Here, we will outline how you can create compelling video content to reach your target investor audience using the power of social media advertising.

Play to your social media platforms’ strong suit

With almost 5 billion videos watched on YouTube, and over 8 billion videos watched on Facebook every day, this medium has shown itself to be a powerful and visually engaging mechanism among audiences. Social media is a great tool that a company can use for pushing out their most important information in a creative and digestible manner, however some platforms have different advantages when delivering video content.

Different platforms harbour pros and cons when it comes to distributing video content. Here, we break down which platforms are most effective depending on what your business end goal is.

● Best for short, informative videos that work without sound

● Best for snippets of information (60 seconds)

● Best for “how-to” content and case studies

● Best for longer, educational content that answers questions

Although understanding the strong suits of each platform is important for tailoring video content, it is also important to know that social amplification can add another layer of visibility and reach beyond a company’s direct online network.

Amplifying video distribution with social media

When creating content, it is important to consider how your information will be relayed to the public, especially when aiming to extend beyond your audience base. The main goal is to reach a wider scope of people in order for your company to get discovered by new investor eyeballs, receive higher engagement rates, and build up a positive reputation.

Market One Media Group utilizes top-tier business publications such as the Financial Post, BNN Bloomberg and Kitco to showcase content to a high-quality investor audience – whether it be videos or online articles. Through these partnerships, we’re able to tap into a network of over 2.5 million potential investors and are able to amplify our reach through strategic and targeted social media advertising.

Social media advertising is the next important step for a video once it has been published on our distribution networks because it broadens our audience. Based on the knowledge that social media networks utilize user information to serve relevant content to interested viewers, setting up targeting specific to each piece of video content is crucial.

To successfully promote a video on social media, the following questions should be considered:

Based on the specific industry, who is your target demographic?
Where does the majority of your target audience consume their information?
Who are your competitors and who is their target audience?
With these questions in mind, it is easier to generate an effective audience base who is more likely to engage with your content. Subsequently, these ads are able to generate better brand awareness and can help draw investors to your company’s website.

Adding video content to your website

When it comes to sourcing quality news and information on the web, investors will look at prospective company websites which provide a wealth of information. Every good website that is catered towards investors should include video pieces that encompass different elements of a company’s business. This can be done by incorporating clips of the CEO, drone footage of mining sites, discussing corporate social responsibility, or live conference footage.

As a company looking for new investors, here are some reasons why adding video content to your website is helpful:

●  Effectively deliver your message
●  Increase engagement
●  Add personality to your brand
●  Stand out among competitors
●  Be memorable

Moreover, creating multiple touch points with website visitors is imperative for public companies, and the best way to do so is through setting up a Facebook pixel. The pixel works to target your ads to the right people based on your website’s traffic patterns. This tool can improve your marketing strategy by guiding your ads to the people you want to reach and the people who have already shown an interest in your company.

Video content has proven its potential to transform journalism and traditional content distribution. Sharing a company’s brand organically, in the form of a visually moving story, is much easier to distribute and has drastically changed an audience’s experience when interacting with an organization. Pair this with strategic social media advertising, and you’ve got a solid marketing plan for your company.

Video isn’t dying down anytime soon, so we suggest adding it to your content marketing strategy because it has the ability to encompass your company’s voice in a short time span, can be optimized to reach the right people, and is inherently sharable.

For more information on how you can inform investors by creating custom video content, visit our website:

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