Joe Deighan on the Hemp Alternative to Tobacco | #HashtagFinance

CSE’s Phillip Shum chats with TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness Director Joe Deighan, who discusses their recent public listing and subsidiary Taat Herb Co. who manufacture and sell premium hemp products including hemp cigarettes made from a proprietary blend of premium hemp.

Here’s an overview of what they cover in this podcast:

1:38 – Joe’s background in the e-liquid manufacturing sector.
3:30 – The taste profile of the TAAT hemp cigarettes.
4:48 – Why TAAT is addressing the tobacco market with CBD products.
5:50 – The size of the North American cigarette market.
6:33 – How management is supporting TAAT’s growth.
8:17 – The distribution opportunity for hemp cigarettes within the US.
10:08 – The banking advantages of hemp over cannabis in the US.
11:45 – Origins of the “TAAT” name.

TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. is focused on hemp-based products that have been demonstrated to aid in improving health, quality of life, and overall wellness.

Taat Herb Co. provides a better-for-you alternative to tobacco that tastes and smokes as well as, or better than, traditional cigarettes. Taat Beyond Tobacco™️ Hemp cigarettes effectively deliver high yielding CBD & CBG without the “high” and without the scent or taste of cannabis.

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Guy Goulet on Green Resource Management in Peru | #HashtagFinance

On this episode of #HashtagFinance, CSE’s Barrington Miller talks with Guy Goulet, CEO of Cerro de Pasco Resources Inc. (CSE:CDPR) and how the company is focused on applying the latest technology in the production of commodity metals through the treatment and reprocessing of all material resources, dumps, tailings, mining waste and more in order to secure long-term economic prosperity in Peru.

Here’s an overview of what they cover in this podcast:

2:03 – Mineral rights by the numbers.
4:41 – Prospects for the mining sector, gold and silver specifically.
6:39 – Guy’s last visit to Cerro de Pasco.
8:20 – How raising $50M is easier than raising “small” money.
10:46 – Cerro de Pasco’s history including the largest copper stock in the world.
11:34 – Why processing tailings is easier than mining rock.
14:06 – How Guy utilizes his background as a geological engineer in the capital markets.
16:58 – The Cerro de Pasco puzzle and how it comes together.
17:42 – Why he needs to remind stakeholders that its a remediation project, not a mining project.
21:31 – The latest development including their merger with Volcan Compañia Minera S.A.A.

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Robert Delamar on Detecting Threats with WiFi | #HashtagFinance

On this episode of #HashtagFinance, CSE’s Anil Mall talks with Robert Delamar, CEO of First Responder Technologies Inc. (CSE:WPN) about how First Responder is developing groundbreaking technologies to prevent and safely defuse public attacks involving concealed weapons. Here’s an overview of what they cover in this podcast:

3:07 – The vision behind the creation of First Responder Technologies and why its more important than ever in light of the recent social climate.

5:27 – Virtual fencing explained and concealed weapon detection.

9:04 – Balancing personal freedoms with protecting the public from threats.

11:09 – The size of the global security market.

13:17 – How this technology integrates with policing and justifiable search and seizure.

16:42 – Rob’s 20 year history in law and technology.

18:38 – First Responder’s diverse global team from tech, military, and policing.

22:55 – The statement of values and how it is put into progress across and outside the organization.

26:23 – Serving the commercial and residential markets.

28:03 – Product background – software and hardware.

30:44 – Current collaborations with partnerships at Rutgers, MistyWest, Wave Labs, and Purdue University.

33:16 – Early recognition at the UK Security and Policing Show.

37:02 AI Open Carry Weapons Detection System.

40:22 – The challenge of blending human privacy with the incredible capabilities of technology.

45:18 – Milestones met since the company went public on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

48:52 – How lockdown time has led to new innovations in the residential services side of their business.

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The Very Good Butchers on Taking Plant-Based Eating Public | #HashtagFinance

CSE’s James Black had an opportunity to chat with the Very Good Food Company (CSE:VERY) Founders James Davison and Mitchell Scott on the eve of their Canadian public listing to discuss The Very Good Butcher brand and much more. Here’s what they discussed on this episode of #HashtagFinance:

1:52 – How James was inspired to apply his culinary skills to produce very good food after being uninspired by incumbent vegan offerings.

3:04 – James describes what’s in the food (not meat!)

3:57 – What makes their product better than others in the plant-based food arena.

4:40 – What James had to learn, and unlearn from his 13-year culinary experience when it came to making a satisfying product.

6:25 – The key role that the farmer’s market on Denman Island, BC played in the company’s ability to product test their recipes.

8:16 – What happened after the company moved to Victoria, BC and opened the first Vegan Butcher Shop on the west coast of Canada.

9:39 – How non-vegan butchers reacted to the company.

11:26 – How they used Kickstarter to fund and expand their company.

12:53 – Why they pitched the company on Dragon’s Den and what happened after they reached handshake deals from the 5 of the Dragons.

13:45 – Why they turned to FrontFundr for equity crowdfunding to avoid VC investment.

14:32 – How the delivery of a “stuffed beet” led to a $2M financing and path to public markets.

15:51 – Plans for expansion including a new “HQ” in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Vancouver.

16:48 – How the business model for plant-based meat compares to conventional meat products.

18:35 – Plans for brand expansion including The Very Good Cheese Co.

19:31 – Their alternative to chicken wings that utilizes cauliflower.

20:54 – How traditional meat-eaters respond to their product

21:09 – Utilizing food tech for quality scalability.

22:40 – The global appeal of plant-based eating.

23:29 – How COVID contributed to its growth and demand for their product.

26:05 – The company’s shipping capabilities across North America.

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Terry Harbort on the Economics of a New BC Gold Rush | PE #HashtagFinance

CSE’s Anna Serin was recently joined by Terry Harbort, CEO of Talisker Resources Ltd. (CSE:TSK) to discuss the many reasons why his company is excited to be resuming activities on their gold exploration program in BC after a necessary quiet period in the face of COVID-19.

In this chat, Terry discussed the following aspects about his company’s programs, including:

1:33 How, in his estimation, Talikser has the longest-tenured team in the exploration industry with 45M ounces of gold discovered under their belt

4:15 The connection between the Bralorne Gold Complex and the historic gold rush in British Columbia

5:20 Describing the difference between ‘alluvial’ and ‘hard rock’

7:02 The potential for the Spence’s Bridge project as an emerging gold belt

10:21 The characteristics of high-grade rock

12:06 The infrastructure benefits of working near Bralorne, BC

13:53 How the price of gold (and gold standard) led to the closure of Bralorne in the 60s

16:35 The challenge of fly-in-/fly-out scenarios in the mining industry

18:03 Recent financing activity, including 30M raised in the past year w/ large institutional involvement

24:02 The steps endeavored to ensure community safety during COVID-19

About Talisker Resources (CSE:TSK)
Talisker Resources Ltd. is a junior resource company involved in the exploration of gold projects in British Columbia, Canada. Talisker’s projects include the Bralorne Gold Complex, an advanced stage project with significant exploration potential from a historical high-grade producing gold mine as well as its Spences Bridge Project where the Company holds ~85% of the emerging Spences Bridge Gold Belt and several other early-stage Greenfields projects. With its properties comprising 270,605 hectares over 288 claims, three leases and 154 crown grant claims, Talisker is a dominant exploration player in the south-central British Columbia. The Company is well funded to advance its aggressive systematic exploration program at its projects.

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Jay Martin on How He Rebuilt the Foundation of Cambridge House | PE #HashtagFinance

CSE’s James Black recently sat down with Jay Martin, President and CEO of Cambridge House International to discuss how he and his company have established the foundation to not only survive but thrive in the face of a global pandemic.

In this discussion, Jay shares why he has loved every minute of working from home during the last three months and how his event-based company was ready for the virtual world (5:48), how the foundation of their content strategy has always focused on showcasing content and connecting people (8:03), how he’s approaching mentorship in a virtual world  (12:41) and the necessity of “owning’ your media (18:19).

Listen until the end to hear how he manages to stay productive while also raising two young children, the most valuable step in his morning routine, and the one question that fundamentally underpins his business.

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Joseph Carrabba on How to Find Gold in Idaho | PE #HashtagFinance

CSE’s Anil Mall sat down with Joseph Carrabba, CEO of Bond Resources Inc. (CSE:BJB) to discuss his approach on how to find gold in Idaho and why he still gets excited about exploration after 42 years in the mining sector.

In this deep discussion, Joseph shares how Idaho is the ideal district for their exploration program (2:48), the 100+ year mining history of Elk City (10:57), the technology that is making historically low-grade deposits economically viable today (15:26) and why small miners need to lead the charge on sustainability (19:33).

Listen until the end to hear his reflections from his storied career including stints at Rio Tinto and Newmont Corporation, the talented team he’s attracted, the strategy to propel the company to a “mid-major” status, and how they feed their miners on the project site!

About Bond Resources (CSE:BJB)
Bond Resources is focused on near term production and rediscovery at the high-grade Mary K Mine in the Elk City mining district in Idaho. Led by industry veterans and located in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Idaho, U.S.A, Bond Resources combines the technical expertise of industry veterans and a transparent communications model to increase shareholder value.

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CSE Webinar: Understanding the Israeli Tech Sector

The CSE’s James Black and Mark Francis were joined by Ronnie Jaegermann, Venture Partner from Beyond Ventures, Simon Weintraub, Partner from Yigal Arnon & Co., and Tomer Nitzan, Presiding Officer, US-Israel Desk at BDO, for a webinar on June 11th, 2020. In this latest installment of the CSE’s “All Locked Down and Nowhere to Go” conference series, our panel of capital markets professionals talked about the current state of the technology sector from the perspective of capital markets professionals in Israel.

Panelists discussed Israel’s technology ecosystem and the growth of high-tech capital-raising. Their talks included a by-the-numbers breakdown of Israel from an investment standpoint and a look at the factors that make it a unique environment for tech development, as well as how the technology sector evolved in 2019 and responded to COVID-19 in 2020.

The ensuing discussion looked at the character of Israeli investors and what factors make them consider investing in startups. The panel of investment professionals also talked about the merits of institutional investment and venture capitalism, how they hope the Israeli context evolves, and areas to watch in the future.

Dana Wheeler and Douglas Smith on Saving Lives Through Threat Detection Tech | #HashtagFinance

CSE’s Anil Mall was joined by Dana Wheeler, CEO, and Douglas Smith, Chairman of Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc. (CSE:PRT) to discuss how the company is saving lives through advanced threat detection technologies.

In this chat, Dana and Douglas share how the origin of the company has roots in checkpoint security and the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings (2:49), why private-public partnerships are key when developing security solutions (8:43), the science behind millimetre waves and threat detection (16:12) and some of the world-class agencies the company currently works with (22:41).

Listen until the end to learn more about the technical and leadership team at Plymouth Rock, how their technology applies across land, air, sea, AND space and the coolest thing that they do as a company (hint – it involves drones!)

About Plymouth Rock Technologies:
At Plymouth Rock Technologies, their engineers address real world problems by applying the latest techniques from engineering and science to find solutions that help keep people and places safe – on land, at sea, in the air and in space.

The Company is developing the next generation of threat detection solutions, the PRT X1 is a purpose built multi-rotor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). The unit contains an integrated sensor package that combines Thermal detection with 4K HD real-time air-to-ground streaming. Our advanced threat detection methods fuse artificial intelligence with augmented reality interfaces to eliminate human operating error. Plymouth Rock products, both airborne and land-based, will scan for threat items at greater “stand-off” distances than current existing technologies. Their unique radar imaging and signal processing technology creates new opportunities for remotely operated, none intrusive screening of crowds in real time.

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Stephen Stewart on Hunting for Kirkland Lake Gold | #HashtagFinance

On this episode of #HashtagFinance, CSE’s Barrington Miller was joined by Stephen Stewart, Director of Mistango River Resources Inc. (CSE:MIS) to discuss the why they are hunting for Kirkland Lake gold. He also addresses the dramatic evolution of the company over the past 12 months and why he’s excited about the prospects for the company’s assets in the Kirkland Lake camp.

In this discussion, Stephen Stewart shares how the company is focused on two flagship assets located on the Abitibi Greenstone Belt (3:39), the intertwined history of Kirkland Lake and the mysterious Sir Harry Oakes (6:31), and what drew mining finance legend Eric Sprott to invest in the company. Listen until the end to hear Stephen’s views on the risk and reward factors in mineral exploration, how the “gold bug” narrative is impacting their business, and details concerning this summer’s exploration program.

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