Dr. Tamir Gedo on Environmental Impacts of Cooking Oil | The CSE Podcast Ep18-S2 (Earth Day 2022)

In a special episode for Earth Day, CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Dr. Tamir Gedo, CEO of Beyond Oil, to discuss the company’s product for cooking oils that targets free fatty acids. The conversation also addresses the environmental issue of getting rid of cooking oil at scale and how their product could be part of the solution.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington and Dr. Gedo discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and background
00:59 – Beyond Oil’s free fatty acid extraction technology
01:30 – Benefits of extracting free fatty acid from cooking oil
03:40 – Effects on flavour and taste
06:30 – How to use the product
09:00 – Environmental impacts
10:30 – How the idea for Beyond Oil started
14:00 – Effects of COVID-19 on the business

About Dr. Tamir Gedo
Dr. Gedo draws upon 25 years of experience as a marketing and business strategy expert serving in academic, government, and industry functions. Dr. Gedo’s extensive expertise in international marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, and business strategy has served him in his various leadership roles. He has contributed to a wide range of branding, strategic planning, and market penetration activities as a senior manager or executive director of major companies in a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical industry.

Learn more about Beyond Oil at https://www.beyondoil.co/.

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