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Tom Meredith on Building New Resources with Modern Exploration Techniques

Tom Meredith, Executive Chairman of West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. (CSE:RLG), joins Phillip Shum after the company’s Market Open at the CSE Media Centre to discuss his history and successes in the mining space (1:31), how the company is using modern exploration techniques to create valuable new resources (5:00), and his thoughts on gold as a foundational element of the global financial ecosystem (10:25). Listen until the end to learn why the Red Lake District of Northwestern Ontario is a well-known gold source, and for Tom’s thoughts on the investment cycle of mining and resource companies.

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Paul Rosen on Moving into the Next Generation of Cannabis

Paul Rosen, CEO of Pantry Food, joins Phillip Shum to discuss what makes a good (and not so good) cannabis operator (5:08), how Pantry is evolving cannabis edibles from a “broken category” into a wellness-based, artisanal industry (10:05), and developments in the cannabis space that he believes may cause investors to be more particular about where they choose to invest going forward (16:08). Listen until the end to learn about his history as an avid entrepreneur and early entrant into the cannabis space, for his advice to investors who are looking to enter the industry, and to hear why he believes hemp is the “sleeping giant” of the economy.

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Matt Nordgren on Cannabis Investment and the Lessons Learned from Pro Football

#WeedWeek spills over into its second week! Arcadian Fund Founder and CEO Matt Nordgren sat down with Phillip Shum (ed. debut host!) to chat about his experience as a pro quarterback and his perspective on team building and investments (3:15), his funds’ criteria for cannabis investments (7:00), and defining the consumer opportunity in Cannabis (e.g. akin to the early days of Apple Computer) (15:00). Listen until the end of the pod to hear Matt’s thoughts on the use-case for cannabis for athletes, life-lessons learned as the star of “Most Eligible Dallas” and his seven-day challenge for all listeners and viewers!

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