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Rana Vig on How to Maintain Investor Interest 365 Days a Year in Mining

CSE’s James Black and Barrington Miller (!) both recently sat down with Blue Lagoon Resources Inc. CEO Rana Vig to discuss the company’s new listing (CSE:BLLG) on the CSE and the lessons he’s learned through the first 10 years of his capital markets career.

In this discussion, Rana shares the origin of the company’s name and offers the “best” advice ever shared on #HashtagFinance (2:58), the importance of keeping investor attention year-round (4:27), and why he insists on being the “dumbest” person in the room (10:45).

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Chris Bursey on the Technical Solution for Better Beer Management

CSE’s James Black recently sat down with Chris Bursey, CEO of Direct Communication Solutions, Inc. (CSE:DCSI), to reflect on the company’s innovations in the IoT space and recent public listing on the CSE.

In this discussion, Chris shares the motivating factors behind choosing public capital over venture capital (1:36), DCSI’s plans to revolutionize the bar and restaurant industry through better beer monitoring (2:57), and how he transitioned into entrepreneurship after serving on aircraft carriers as an air traffic controller (7:34).

Listen until the end to hear about Chris’s “Grizzly Bear Theory” and the burden (and honour) of being the head of an organization.

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Andrew Jappy on How Trading Technology is Impacting Today’s Investor

Andrew Jappy, Managing Director of Canada for Iress, recently joined James Black to chat about his recent appointment with the company and to discuss the challenges of deploying order routing solutions for Canada’s multi-market environment.

In this discussion, Andrews shares his theory as to why Canada has 16(!) trading venues (3:15), the basics behind “dark pools” and how they operate (5:38), his observations from the “Flash Boys” phenomena (8:30), and whether he thinks retail investors still stand a chance against pro traders (10:03).

Listen until the end to learn about Andrew’s globe-spanning career in financial IT, as well as his thoughts on the exciting changes and opportunities he sees in a rapidly-evolving financial technology sector.

The 2019 CSE Year in Review with James, Barrington, and Phil

CSE’s James Black recently joined his colleagues Barrington Miller and Phillip Shum to reflect on another eventful year at the Exchange for Entrepreneurs.

This special episode includes a wide-ranging discussion on the many highlights from 2019. The team discusses the numerous global destinations that the CSE covered throughout the year (1:53), the fascinating intersection between public cannabis companies and famous athletes (7:11), and the memorable events that left a lasting impression (11:25).

Listen until the end to hear James, Barrington, and Phil’s insights from interviewing over 80 entrepreneurs on the #HashtagFinance podcast, and the inspiration generated by the newly launched Market Open at the CSE Media Centre in Toronto (27:53).

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John Clarke on the Final Mile Delivery Solution – Just in Time for the Holidays

CSE’s James Black recently sat down with John Clarke, VP of Sales and Marketing at PUDO Inc. (CSE:PDO), to discuss the challenges presented by eCommerce through the “final mile” of fulfillment (1:46), the environmental impact of limiting missed deliveries (5:43), and the unique challenges of urban versus suburban delivery (8:03).

Listen until the end to hear about John’s experience at Google, what it means to bring a “scrappy” mentality to sales, and how big etailers like Amazon and Walmart stand to benefit from a final mile solution like PUDO Point.

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Anthony Brown on the Cloud Technology Powering “Rick and Morty”

CSE’s James Black recently sat down with Anthony Brown, CEO at AMPD Ventures Inc., to discuss how they are “AMPing” up the internet with a high-performance cloud that deals with latency sensitive applications like eSports and virtual reality (1:11), the realities of competing with the “big guys” like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft (3:40), and the importance of ecologically sustainable computation (5:49).

Listen until the end to hear about Anthony’s experience as an entrepreneur, including the success he had at Infinite Game Publishing with the award-winning game MechWarrior Online. Finally, learn how AMPD’s technology is being utilized to bring popular characters to life, including Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty.

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Passport to Canada’s Cannabis Sector Opens the Market at the CSE Media Centre

The CSE proudly welcomed the Passport to Canada’s Cannabis Sector to open the market at the CSE Media Centre on November 20th, 2019.

The Passport to Canada’s Cannabis Sector is an alliance between Aird & Berlis, MNP, MGO, ELLO, and the CSE. The alliance will be joining over 35,000 cannabis industry professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs at MJBizCon in Las Vegas next month, where the future of the cannabis industry will be discussed and new innovations within the cannabis space will be showcased.

“This group – us and these service providers – is going to Vegas for MJBiz 2019. We’re going to go there and share our story about how we can serve the industry and continue to help grow the cannabis industry by bringing companies to Canada to raise capital and list publicly on our exchange,” said James Black, Vice President of Listings Development at the CSE.

“Aird & Berlis has always taken a cross-disciplinary approach to the cannabis sector. We’re a full service firm and that’s how we’re treating our clients in the sector. And it’s been really important as we continue to support them in various stages of growth and advancement,” remarked Sherri Altshuler, Partner at Aird & Berlis.

“MNP is a full service provider for accounting, tax, and advisory services. We do all of those services in the cannabis sector,” said Glenn Fraser, Partner and National Leader of Food & Beverage Processing at MNP. “I’m really excited to be a part of the alliance because I think we have some of the pre-eminent service providers in the industry partnering with us during the show. I think it’ll be a pretty exciting time this year,” he added.

Joining Altshuler and Fraser were other key members of the Passport to Canada’s Cannabis Sector alliance.

View the podcast for this Market Open featuring Sherri Altshuler and Glenn Fraser here.

For more details about the CSE Media Centre, including information on upcoming Market Opens, please visit the CSE website, or follow us on social media.

Daniel Mitre on How Old School Gaming has Influenced the New Wave of eSports

Daniel Mitre, CEO of New Wave Esports Corp. (CSE:NWES), joined James Black at the CSE Media Centre (couch) to play some retro SNES video games and share his origins as a gamer (0:46), the evolution of the competitive gaming scene since the 1990’s (3:31) and why the competitive gaming market has gravitated towards first person shooters (6:36). Dan also discloses the size of the gaming and eSports industries (9:22), as well as the four eSports ecosystem verticals that New Wave focuses and invests in (10:49). Listen until the end to hear his thoughts on competitive player health and development (14:17), and the overwhelming demand for content from professional streamers (17:28).

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Sarah Tahor on Exporting Israel’s Groundbreaking Cannabis Innovations to the World

Sarah Tahor, Founder & CEO at Can Innovations, joined James Black in the podcast studio to share how her company is bringing international cannabis innovation to Canada (1:50), a brief history of cannabis research from the legendary Dr. Raphael Mechoulam (4:29), and how Canada and Israel’s markets complement each other (6:49). Listen until the end to learn more about the current status of cannabis licensing in the country and the groundbreaking work that is happening at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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Bryan Baeumler and Lance Montgomery on Averting DIY Disasters with HeyBryan

Bryan Baeumler and Lance Montgomery, CEO of HeyBryan Media Inc. (CSE:HEY) joined James Black at the CSE Media Centre to discuss the potential of extending Bryan’s home renovation brand to a publicly traded vehicle (0:48), the mechanics of how the HeyBryan app works (1:37) and the types of renovations that are best left to professionals (2:44). Listen until the end to learn more about the company’s business model and how HeyBryan Media plans to expand the brand beyond the home services space.

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