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W.D. Latimer Co. Ltd. Opens the Market at the CSE Media Centre

The CSE welcomed W.D. Latimer Co. Ltd. to a Market Open at the CSE Media Centre on November 26th, 2019.

W.D. Latimer Co. Ltd. is a privately owned and highly regarded Canadian broker-dealer, with over 50 years of specialized experience in market making on Canadian equities. Employing over 30 traders, Latimer applies its strong business ethics, collective trading experience, and low latency trading solutions to all industries within Canada.

“It’s an honour for W.D. Latimer to open the market today for the CSE. We’re a privately owned market making house –  proprietary trading shop –  which basically makes us a perfect partner for the CSE,” remarked Joshua Cauz, Director & Head Trader at W.D. Latimer.

“Our model of market making is still very people driven. W.D. Latimer employs almost 40 traders – most of them are market makers. Basically, we employ human eyes on your stocks. So, if a listed issuer wants to get a hold of us, all they have to do is pick up the phone and call us. And we’ll be there to speak with them,” Cauz added about their services.

Steve Fontaine, International Trader & Marketer at W.D. Latimer, and other key members from the W.D. Latimer team were also in attendance at the Market Open.

View the podcast for this Market Open featuring Joshua Cauz here.

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Joshua Cauz on Standing in the Line of Fire – the Necessary Life of the Market Maker

CSE’s Barrington Miller recently sat down with Joshua Cauz, Director & Head Trader at W.D. Latimer Co. to discuss the role his firm plays in facilitating orderly markets and providing liquidity for listed securities as a market maker.

In this discussion, Josh talks about how market makers can soften the volatility of major market events such as flash crashes (1:43), the distinct differences between Canadian and US market making (3:11), W.D. Latimer’s long-standing history and experience with the CSE since 2003 (5:27), and the important distinctions between exchange designated market making and paid-for marketing making (10:35).

Listen until the end to learn more about how market markers “clean up” odd and mixed lot orders and the obligation of providing a guaranteed minimum fill (GMF).

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