Joshua Cauz on Standing in the Line of Fire – the Necessary Life of the Market Maker

CSE’s Barrington Miller recently sat down with Joshua Cauz, Director & Head Trader at W.D. Latimer Co. to discuss the role his firm plays in facilitating orderly markets and providing liquidity for listed securities as a market maker.

In this discussion, Josh talks about how market makers can soften the volatility of major market events such as flash crashes (1:43), the distinct differences between Canadian and US market making (3:11), W.D. Latimer’s long-standing history and experience with the CSE since 2003 (5:27), and the important distinctions between exchange designated market making and paid-for marketing making (10:35).

Listen until the end to learn more about how market markers “clean up” odd and mixed lot orders and the obligation of providing a guaranteed minimum fill (GMF).

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