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Guy Goulet on Green Resource Management in Peru | #HashtagFinance

On this episode of #HashtagFinance, CSE’s Barrington Miller talks with Guy Goulet, CEO of Cerro de Pasco Resources Inc. (CSE:CDPR) and how the company is focused on applying the latest technology in the production of commodity metals through the treatment and reprocessing of all material resources, dumps, tailings, mining waste and more in order to secure long-term economic prosperity in Peru.

Here’s an overview of what they cover in this podcast:

2:03 – Mineral rights by the numbers.
4:41 – Prospects for the mining sector, gold and silver specifically.
6:39 – Guy’s last visit to Cerro de Pasco.
8:20 – How raising $50M is easier than raising “small” money.
10:46 – Cerro de Pasco’s history including the largest copper stock in the world.
11:34 – Why processing tailings is easier than mining rock.
14:06 – How Guy utilizes his background as a geological engineer in the capital markets.
16:58 – The Cerro de Pasco puzzle and how it comes together.
17:42 – Why he needs to remind stakeholders that its a remediation project, not a mining project.
21:31 – The latest development including their merger with Volcan Compañia Minera S.A.A.

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Joseph Carrabba on How to Find Gold in Idaho | PE #HashtagFinance

CSE’s Anil Mall sat down with Joseph Carrabba, CEO of Bond Resources Inc. (CSE:BJB) to discuss his approach on how to find gold in Idaho and why he still gets excited about exploration after 42 years in the mining sector.

In this deep discussion, Joseph shares how Idaho is the ideal district for their exploration program (2:48), the 100+ year mining history of Elk City (10:57), the technology that is making historically low-grade deposits economically viable today (15:26) and why small miners need to lead the charge on sustainability (19:33).

Listen until the end to hear his reflections from his storied career including stints at Rio Tinto and Newmont Corporation, the talented team he’s attracted, the strategy to propel the company to a “mid-major” status, and how they feed their miners on the project site!

About Bond Resources (CSE:BJB)
Bond Resources is focused on near term production and rediscovery at the high-grade Mary K Mine in the Elk City mining district in Idaho. Led by industry veterans and located in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Idaho, U.S.A, Bond Resources combines the technical expertise of industry veterans and a transparent communications model to increase shareholder value.

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