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Anthony Brown on Computing the New Digital Era | #HashtagFinance

CSE’s Anil Mall chats with Anthony Brown, CEO of AMPD Ventures Inc. (CSE:AMPD), about his company’s ambitions in providing high-performance cloud and computing solutions for low-latency applications, including video games and eSports, digital animation and visual effects, and big data collection, analysis and visualization.

Here’s an overview of what Anil and Anthony cover in this edition of the #HashtagFinance podcast:

0:35 – Catching-up with AMPD CEO Anthony Brown.
3:10 – What does it mean to be a “Next Generation Digital Infrastructure” company?
4:45 – High Performance Computing vs Commodity Computing.
6:00 – The potential of the global eSports, virtual reality, and digital effects sectors.
8:55 – Recent announcements re: AccelByte and Versatile Media.
13:06 – The financial impact on the film and television industry.
16:15 – Being the company that provides the picks and shovels for the gold rush of virtual production.
20:15 – The Supercluster Project w/ an airline manufacturing plant.
24:20 – How Anthony’s passion comes from his 30 years of experience in the industry.
27:15 – What Stephen Hynes brings to the AMPD team.
30:15 – The Waterfall Building and how it illustrates urban efficiency.
33:35 – Outlook for the remainder of the year.
35:35 – The coming Virtual Reality metaverse aka Ready Player One.

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A legal disclaimer for AMPD Ventures Inc. can be found here: https://ampd.tech/legal/general-disclaimer/

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Anthony Brown on the Cloud Technology Powering “Rick and Morty”

CSE’s James Black recently sat down with Anthony Brown, CEO at AMPD Ventures Inc., to discuss how they are “AMPing” up the internet with a high-performance cloud that deals with latency sensitive applications like eSports and virtual reality (1:11), the realities of competing with the “big guys” like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft (3:40), and the importance of ecologically sustainable computation (5:49).

Listen until the end to hear about Anthony’s experience as an entrepreneur, including the success he had at Infinite Game Publishing with the award-winning game MechWarrior Online. Finally, learn how AMPD’s technology is being utilized to bring popular characters to life, including Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty.

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AMPD Ventures Inc. Opens the Market at the CSE Media Centre

The CSE was happy to welcome AMPD Ventures Inc. (CSE:AMPD) to the CSE Media Centre on November 28th, 2019 to open the market.

AMPD Ventures Inc. provides high-performance cloud and computing solutions specializing in low-latency applications, including video games and eSports, digital animation and visual effects, and big data collection, analysis, and visualization. Based out of Vancouver, the AMPD leadership team has been designing and building game infrastructure for more than 10 years, and takes a collaborative approach to ensure that solutions are specifically tailored for each client.

“We’re very happy to be opening the market today. We’re a next generation infrastructure company, basically bringing the next generation of cloud computing to the market – really amazing stuff, for things like eSports, AI, and virtual reality,” remarked AMPD Ventures Inc. CEO Anthony Brown.

“We’re very proud of the fact that we’ve signed Bardel Entertainment to access our new render farm platform, and Rick and Morty is now going to get rendered on our servers – I mean, how cool is that?” said Brown of the company’s recent achievements. “And we also announced recently [that we’re] working with the Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster in Vancouver, where we’re building a digital twin of an aircraft factory and that’s pretty impressive as well.”

Joining Brown to ring the bell at the Market Open were several other key members of the AMPD Ventures Inc. team.

View the podcast for this Market Open featuring Anthony Brown here.

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