Discussions on our Other Selves with Tarisai Madambi and Theresa Nyabeze | The CSE Podcast Ep14-S2

CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Tarisai Madambi, Senior Manager at KPMG, and Theresa Nyabeze, Diversity & Inclusion Committee Co-Chair at The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), for a special Black History Month episode. The group discusses representation, intentional inclusion, and feeling comfortable with being your authentic self in the workplace.

Here’s an overview of what topics Barrington, Tarisai, and Theresa cover in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and Background
03:10 – Theresa’s professional journey
06:00 – Tarisai’s professional journey
10:25 – Bringing your full, authentic self to the workplace
20:05 – Intentional inclusion and professional friendships
24:05 – The importance of diversity of opinion
39:00 – The role of commercialization in diverse representation
48:30 – Calling people “in” vs calling them out
52:30 – Intentions and resulting impact

About Tarisai Madambi
Tarisai is a Finance leader providing strategic counsel to finance executives with a proven record of implementing transformation projects and programs. Currently, she maintains her focus on elevating the role of finance as a change leader and strategic business partner, embedding new technologies and innovation to deliver data-driven insights in decision-making. Tarisai is a passionate advocate for equity and inclusion with particular interest on matters related to mental health, gender, race and ethnicity. She was the motivating force behind establishing the Black Professionals Network in 2019 and continues to drive action on the firm’s Anti-Racism strategy to dismantle systemic barriers for under-represented groups.

About Theresa Nyabeze
Theresa Nyabeze is a Professional Mining Engineer who prides herself as a contributor to an industry that produces the materials with which the modern economy is built. In addition to her 20+ years career in mining, Theresa is actively engaged in promoting * Diversity and Inclusion in the mining industry as a whole*. As the co-Chair for Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM)’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee, she has led engagements aimed at educating professionals and organizations on the positive impact of diverse and inclusive workplaces. Theresa is an advocate for women and girls, and has published papers peering into the careers of women in mining, and also written a children’s book – Underground my mining adventure – to spur young girls to take up careers in STEM, using mining as a gateway. Theresa was recently named among top 100 Accomplished Black Women in Canada, an honour she shares with many notable figures including the Honourable Jean Augustine.

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