Alex Halperin on the State of the Cannabis Market in the US | The CSE Podcast Ep13-S2

CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Alex Halperin, Editor of WeedWeek, to discuss the cannabis industry in the United States, with a particular focus on the markets in California, New York, and the southern states. The conversation also dives into the dynamic of politics in US federal legalization, WeedWeek’s 2022 outlook, and the potential role of Big Pharma in the sector.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington and Alex discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and background
04:30 – Cannabis culture in California
07:30 – The challenge of running a cannabis business in California
11:00 – New York’s cannabis market
13:30 – Oklahoma’s cannabis market
17:30 – Texas’ cannabis market
19:10 – Cannabis legalization in Washington
22:20 – WeedWeek’s outlook on 2022
25:10 – What is Delta-8?
28:50 – Big Pharma’s involvement in the cannabis market

About WeedWeek
Business journalist Alex Halperin started writing the WeedWeek newsletter in 2015. It now has more than 8,000 subscribers including many of the most influential figures in the cannabis world. They appreciate WeedWeek’s incisive writing, aggressive reporting and that they are editorially independent. Advertisers have no influence on their editorial content. In 2020, they launched a major expansion and they now publish original reporting and analysis daily.

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