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Anthony Durkacz on the Importance of Being Operationally Savvy

Anthony Durkacz, Chair of the Board of Directors at World Class Extractions (CSE:PUMP), joins Barrington Miller after opening the market to discuss how a cancer diagnosis helped inspire him to become an entrepreneur (1:24), why he believes the legalization of cannabis edibles in Canada could be a tailwind for the extraction industry (8:31), the operational benefits of the company’s recent merger with Quadron Cannatech (10:28), and what they’re focused on for the immediate future (15:23). Listen until the end to learn more about Anthony’s history with the CSE, the importance of scalable and efficient operations, and why he believes 2020 is “the year of the income statement.”

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World Class Extractions Opens the Market at the CSE Media Centre

The CSE is pleased to announce that World Class Extractions (CSE:PUMP) opened the market at the CSE Media Centre on September 17th, 2019. World Class Extractions is a Canadian publicly traded company which operates through two vertically integrated subsidiaries, Soma Labs Scientific and Greenmantle Products.

The company provides scalable extraction and processing solutions for the cannabis and hemp industries, including proprietary industrial-grade equipment, custom processing facilities, ancillary products, and scientific services. This Market Open followed the merger of World Class Extractions and Quadron Cannatech, and helped celebrate the beginning of the company’s journey as a merged entity.

“It’s really exciting for us to be here at the Media Centre, ringing the bell for the CSE,” said CEO Rosy Mondin. “We’ve been listed since 2017 through Quadron Cannatech, so for us to ring today, it’s fantastic, as it follows our merger with World Class Extractions.”

“It was a merger of strengths,” added Chairman Anthony Durkacz. “At the end of the day they had a great operational team and great technology. We had great technology and great capital markets access.”

It was a pleasure to welcome the team from World Class Extractions to celebrate both the Market Open and the recent merger. For more details about the CSE Media Centre, including information on upcoming Market Opens, please visit the CSE website, or follow us on social media.