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Alan Brochstein on Surviving Cannabis Industry ‘Potholes’ in Pandemic Times

CSE’s Barrington Miller is rejoined by Alan Brochstein, founder of 420 Investor and contributor to New Cannabis Ventures, to discuss the recent issues surrounding the cannabis industry, with a specific focus on what’s happening in the United States and in the stock market.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Alan shares what he thinks are the two major “potholes” on the road to U.S. legalization (3:32), the issues presented by capital constraints in a booming business segment (7:04), the benefits for those that survive the current pandemic crisis in cannabis (10:39), and the industry’s transition from stigmatization to essential service (14:13).

Listen until the end to hear Alan’s thoughts on why banking and research are the next two issues that need to be addressed (18:39), the one mistake investors in U.S. cannabis routinely make (21:14), his biggest cannabis-related disappointment during the pandemic (22:27), the best (and worst) State cannabis rollouts (23:25), why it was important for the industry to shift away from ‘vertical integration’ (30:28), and how the industry will evolve through COVID-19.

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Disclaimer: The views, information, or opinions expressed during the podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of the Canadian Securities Exchange and its employees.

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Alan Brochstein on Why the Numbers Don’t Lie in the Cannabis Market

Cannabis industry pioneer, and Founder of 420 Investor, Alan Brochstein, recently joined Barrington Miller for a Skype chat to discuss recent developments in the cannabis market.

In this conversation, Alan share’s his opinions on Drake’s recent deal with Canopy Growth and their challenge to repurpose assets from the Bruce Linton era (1:58), Vireo Health’s recent high profile edition to their board of directors (5:42), and what his cannabis indices are telling him about a potential market bottom in the sector (9:29). Listen until the end to hear his thoughts on the role of the cannabis black market and the impact of illicit vaping products as well as Alan’s recent exposure to CBD oxygen!

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