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Jason Paltrowitz and Richard Carleton on Opportunities Beyond the Border

This special episode of #HashtagFinance takes the podcast out of the studio and into the CSE Media Centre! Jason Paltrowitz, Executive Vice President of Corporate Services at OTC Markets Group, and Richard Carleton, CEO of the Canadian Securities Exchange, join James Black to talk about Cannabis Investor Day, the inaugural event co-hosted by the CSE and OTC Markets Group (0:53), the importance of the CSE’s partnership with OTC Markets when it comes to creating opportunities for listed companies beyond the border (1:40), and why maintaining cross-border shareholder visibility is essential (6:25). Listen until the end for Jason’s explanation of the different market tiers at OTC Markets, for Richard’s advice to Canadian issuers going into the US markets, and to learn how both the CSE and OTC Markets Group help companies not only go public, but learn how to be public.

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OTC Markets Group Opens the Market at the CSE Media Centre

The CSE proudly welcomed OTC Markets Group to the CSE Media Centre to open the market on October 23rd, 2019. This Market Open took place just ahead of the inaugural CSE and OTC Markets event Cannabis Investor Day, taking place on October 30th.

OTC Markets Group Inc. operates three markets for 10,000 US and global securities. To create better informed and more efficient financial markets, OTC Markets Group organizes securities into these markets based on the quality and quantity of information companies disclose. The company provides services in three core areas: trading services, market data, and corporate services.

“This is fantastic for us. I think opening the market with the CSE, given the partnership we’ve had over the last five years, is just another one of those milestones that shows how great that partnership is. We’ve done so much together, whether it’s our trips around the world, or bringing companies from around the world to the Canadian markets and the US markets. This, I wouldn’t say is a capstone of those accomplishments, but just the start of what I think is going to be another great five years of helping small, early-stage companies,” said Jason Paltrowitz, Executive Vice President – Corporate Services at OTC Markets Group.

“With our partnership, we have a great event next week, our inaugural CSE OTC Markets cannabis conference. We are oversold, which is always nice, and we really look forward to continuing that, both in New York, here in Canada, and around the world.”

View the podcast for this Market Open featuring Jason Paltrowitz here.

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