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Bill Besenhofer on Being a B Corp & Making the Food Chain Efficient | The CSE Podcast Ep10-S2

CSE’s Barrington Miller is joined by Bill Besenhofer, Co-Founder and CEO of The Fresh Factory, to discuss consumer and investor “appetite” for plant-based, clean-label food, becoming a B Corp, and how technology plays a role in how they serve emerging and existing brands in this space. The conversation also highlights Bill’s thoughts on where he sees the clean food landscape going.

Here’s an overview of what Barrington and Bill discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

0:00 – Background of The Fresh Factory and COVID-19’s impact
3:44 – Achieving brand loyalty
4:31 – What it takes to be a B Corp
9:46 – Technology’s role in how they help brands
17:26 – Hurdles for companies in this space
20:05 – Will The Fresh Factory be joining the metaverse?
20:50 – The Fresh Factory’s team and stakeholders
22:50 – Where the clean eating landscape is going
26:50 – What investors can expect from The Fresh Factory

About The Fresh Factory
The Fresh Factory is a vertically integrated company focused on accelerating the growth of the plant-based, clean-label food and beverage brands of tomorrow. The Fresh Factory owns or partners with emerging brands in the plant-based space to develop, manufacture, and sell products made from fresh produce and recognizable ingredients. It operates from its centrally located manufacturing facility near Chicago, serving customers across the US. As a B Corporation, The Fresh Factory is ESG-focused, driven to make a lighter, greener impact on the environment and a stronger, positive impact on local communities and the food supply system as a whole.

Learn more about The Fresh Factory at The Fresh Factory B.C Ltd. | CSE – Canadian Securities Exchange (thecse.com)

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