With CSE Market Hours “the early bird gets the worm!”

CSE recently consolidated its trading venues (CNSX and Pure) for the CSE rebranding.  You can read about this “Project One” initiative here.

Pure and CNSX are now CSE

This initiative introduces efficiencies and cost savings for our clients and most importantly, for the dealers that connect to our marketplace.

To clarify – CSE now trades both CSE-listed securities (like Gener8, CSE:GNR) as well as other Canadian listed securities all on one platform. Please note that CSE-listed securities do have slightly different trading hours in comparison to other Canadian securities trading on CSE. Here is a breakdown:

CSE listed market (formerly CNSX):
Hours are from 9:30-4pm.  Pre-open is 7am.  No after-hours trading.

CSE other listed market (formerly PURE):
Hours are from 8-5pm.  Pre-open is at 7am.  No after-hours trading.

Consequently, the CSE is Canada’s busiest venue for trading after 8am and is the preferred destination for early morning trading activity.

Bird.  Meet worm.