TD Direct Investing’s WebBroker Now Connected to the CSE

As more Canadians choose to manage their own investments online, Canada’s discount brokerage firms are becoming increasingly important hubs to accessing and managing investing opportunities. Recognizing the importance of this trend, the CSE has been working hard to ensure that investors have convenient, direct access to the over 270 (and growing) securities listed on the Exchange.

To that end, the CSE is proud to announce the addition of another Canadian online brokerage, TD Direct Investing, to the list of firms offering their clients real-time quotes and direct online trading access to CSE listed securities.

TD Direct Investing is a significant presence in the Canadian online brokerage marketplace. According to financial research firm Investor Economics, TD Direct Investing is one of Canada’s largest online brokerages by assets and trading. With the addition of TD Direct Investing’s WebBroker,  online trading of CSE securities is now accessible to the vast majority of  Canadian discount broker clients.


Connectivity to the CSE has been something requested by many TD clients over the years.  As soon as the new functionality was enabled, social media users were quick to notice and share the good news.


CEO Richard Carleton said: “Ensuring Canadian investors have convenient access to trading CSE listed securities is a major priority for the CSE. We are very pleased that TD Direct Investing’s clients will now be able to quickly and conveniently access the growing number of securities listed on the CSE.”

For the latest information on Canadian online brokerages offering connectivity to the CSE, check the CSE website here.

Keeping it Simple: CSE Unveils Streamlined Trade Execution Pricing

For many in the securities industry, complexity is the new norm. Whether because of technology infrastructure, regulatory compliance or simply keeping pace with innovation, there’s simply just more to manage – everywhere. And, wherever complexity seems to appear, cost seems to show up like a faithful wing-man.

It seems reasonable, therefore, that one promising strategy to lower costs would be to decrease complexity – especially at the trade execution level. At the Canadian Securities Exchange, it is precisely the idea of making the current Canadian securities landscape more efficient that underpins their latest move to simplify access for a key stakeholder in the market ecosystem: the dealer community.

Lower Trade Execution Fees: A Bold Step Forward

As announced in an earlier news release, the CSE is taking a bold step to simplify pricing and access for the dealer community by eliminating the ‘maker/taker’ model and, in its place, implementing equal pricing for both active and passive sides of the trade.

The table below summarizes the new trade execution fee structure as it applies to three tiers of securities trading price. Under this fee structure, both active and passive fees are priced at the same rate on each tier.

Trade Execution Fees

This announcement is a win for the dealer community and for the trading public for two important reasons.

First, with better pricing comes improved participation and better functioning marketplaces. Second, by eliminating the maker/taker price distinction, the playing field has been leveled for liquidity provider and liquidity consumer.

Ultimately, however, the change in fee structure is a natural consequence of the need for innovation. According to CSE CEO Richard Carleton:

As the exchange for entrepreneurs, we are committed to bringing innovative solutions to market operations. We understand that by simplifying the moving parts of the market, we’ve not only lowered industry costs but we’ve enabled wider participation and access to trading of junior public companies.

Getting Noticed

The message of “simpler is better” is gaining traction with many junior public companies. The number of listed issuers on the CSE is up substantially through the first quarter of 2014 and trading volumes are also at historical highs.

While there are still many hurdles to clear, a streamlined and more cost effective framework for dealers is an important step towards making simple the new normal.

The CSE listed market posts record trading month in March

March was a great month for the CSE. From the record high trading volumes to the increased number of trades and the growing list of institutional partners, the CSE is continuing to fulfill its pledge to be “The Exchange for Entrepreneurs.”

The strength of the listed market was impressive. Two major components drove the growth – attractive listings that captured the imagination of retail investors as well as the attention of professional traders. This dynamic formula manifested itself in gains posted by the big banks of between 50 and 100 percent of their previous month’s trading figures. Additionally, when factoring in the performance gains from loyal, medium-tiered dealers, the numbers demonstrate that the Exchange is moving in the right direction and gaining traction.

March trading metrics speak volumes

Never in the past 11 years of CSE’s history has it seen a trading month that rivalled what was experienced in March 2014. Key trading metrics across the board attained all-time highs on CSE’s listed-market, including the following metrics for March:

Trades: 38,278
Total Volume: 310,645,194
Total Value: $105,276,255
Avg Price per Share: $0.34

When compared to the previous month it becomes apparent how significantly trading activity can move within a 30 day period:

February 2014
8,690 (up 440% in March ’14)
Total Volume: 137,936,188 (up 225% in March ’14)
Total Value: $23,778,038 (up 443% in March ’14)
Avg Price per Share: $0.17 (up 200% in March ’14)

Even more dramatic is the comparison of trading activity from March of last year. Looking at the following numbers for March 2013 demonstrates how much CSE trading has gained traction over the past 12 months:

March 2013
Trades: 3,890 (up 984% in March ’14)
Total Volume: 82,839,702 (up 375% in March ’14)
Total Value: $7,810,053 (up 1348% in March ’14)
Avg Price per Share: $0.09 (up 377% in March ’14)

Of course, a chart of recent trading on CSE says it all (click to enlarge):

Continuing to Build

Although online access is an on-going concern, CSE sees continued reason for optimism. This past month it was positive to see bank-owned dealers contribute to the bump in trading, including Scotia iTrade, who joined the list of online brokerages that have enabled online trading for CSE stocks.

There is still a lot of work ahead for CSE but the performance numbers from March validate a sentiment that the Exchange has championed all along: “if they want to trade, they will find a way to access the market.”

It’s official – Scotia iTRADE® now connected to the Canadian Securities Exchange

The CSE is happy to announce another key addition to the ranks of online discount brokers connected to the exchange by welcoming Scotia iTRADE®, who are now offering its clients online trade execution services for the CSE.

Formally announced in a press release that can be read here, this is a significant development for CSE and the investment community in Canada.  Scotia  iTRADE® is a popular platform for Canadian investors and another venue through which retail investors can access CSE stocks. We applaud Scotia for responding to client demand and adding this service.

Acknowledging the significance of this development, CSE CEO Richard Carleton had the following comment:

“As one of Canada’s largest online brokers, Scotia iTRADE is an extremely important part of the investment community,” said Richard Carleton, CEO of CNSX Markets Inc. “Scotia iTRADE’s provision of CSE client online trading and CSE market information services marks an important milestone in our efforts to increase visibility and access to the exchange. On behalf of our listed companies and their investors, we welcome Scotia iTRADE to the CSE”

For more information about  Scotia  iTRADE® simply visit their website at

Real-Time CSE Quotes Now Available on RBC Direct Investing

RBC Direct Investing Connected to CSEThe CSE continues to expand market access to its listed securities and can now confirm that in addition to order-entry, RBC Direct Investing is now fully connected with CSE real-time data enabling investors to trade CSE stocks with the full advantage of real-time quotes.

RBC Direct Investing is one Canada’s most popular online brokerages and has allowed clients the benefit of order-entry of CSE stocks for several years. For more information on RBC Direct, visit their website at

For more information on where investors can access CSE quotes and online trading, please visit Sparx Trading.

With CSE Market Hours “the early bird gets the worm!”

CSE recently consolidated its trading venues (CNSX and Pure) for the CSE rebranding.  You can read about this “Project One” initiative here.

Pure and CNSX are now CSE

This initiative introduces efficiencies and cost savings for our clients and most importantly, for the dealers that connect to our marketplace.

To clarify – CSE now trades both CSE-listed securities (like Gener8, CSE:GNR) as well as other Canadian listed securities all on one platform. Please note that CSE-listed securities do have slightly different trading hours in comparison to other Canadian securities trading on CSE. Here is a breakdown:

CSE listed market (formerly CNSX):
Hours are from 9:30-4pm.  Pre-open is 7am.  No after-hours trading.

CSE other listed market (formerly PURE):
Hours are from 8-5pm.  Pre-open is at 7am.  No after-hours trading.

Consequently, the CSE is Canada’s busiest venue for trading after 8am and is the preferred destination for early morning trading activity.

Bird.  Meet worm.

Did you know? CSE data is real time on Google Finance!

In fact, CSE is the only Canadian exchange to offer real time data on Google Finance. Other exchanges that supply real time data to Google include Nasdaq, the NYSE, the London Stock Exchange and Euronext.

Visit Google Finance today and start researching your favourite CSE stocks using real time data!

CSE quotes are real time on Google Finance