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Silas Garrison on Empowering Government Efficiency Through SaaS | #HashtagFinance

CSE’s Anil Mall chats with Silas Garrison, CEO of HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. (CSE:HS) to discuss his personal ambitions to revolutionize efficiencies across various levels of government utilizing HealthSpace’s unique SAAS solutions.

Here’s an overview of what Anil and Silas cover in this edition of the #HashtagFinance​ podcast:

0:00​ – Introducing Silas Garrison and HealthSpace Data Systems
3:14​ – Customer profile and the differences of doing business in Canada and US
6:45​ – Silas Garrison – “A self taught nerd”
8:35​ – HS Cloud – a passion project
11:25​ – The bench at HS
13:05​ – What government agencies are trying to accomplish
15:25​ – The key difference of serving private business
17:20​ – Everything begins, and ends with HS Cloud
21:00​ – Online citizen engagement and HS touch
25:50​ – HS Pay and a digital payment solution for Government
30:40​ – Customer stickiness and retention
32:20​ – Recent financing and consolidation
32:45​ – What’s next – aggressive growth
34:40​ – Staying connected with HealthSpace.

HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd.

HealthSpace is a government Software as a Service (SaaS) company focused on providing efficiencies to state and local government agencies through its powerful enterprise cloud and mobile platform. Over the last decade, HealthSpace has successfully developed both cloud and mobile applications currently serving over 500 state and local government organizations across North America.

HealthSpace’s HSCloud Suite platform is one of the only self-serve enterprise SaaS platforms in the government space. HealthSpace is focused on revolutionizing every aspect of the regulatory process within state, provincial and local government; from licensing and inspections, to disease surveillance, to financial management. HealthSpace’s platform handles it all. HealthSpace is now entering the FinTech space by developing an online and mobile payment platform that streamlines the intake of government revenue for the agencies it serves.

HealthSpace has also expanded its offerings in the realm of communicable disease tracking by creating an automated contact solution which enables public health agencies to broaden the scope and depth of their communicable disease surveillance in an automated fashion.

Learn more about HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. at

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Gage Growth Corp. Joins the CSE for a Virtual Market Open

The CSE was happy to welcome Gage Growth Corp. (CSE:GAGE) to the Exchange with a celebratory virtual Market Open on April 6, 2021.

Gage Growth curates high-quality cannabis experiences for consumers in Michigan, and brings internationally renowned brands to market. The firm has successfully built and grown operations with federal and state licenses, and their portfolio includes city and state approvals for multiple cultivation, processing, and dispensary locations. The CSE is excited to see how this company will continue contributing to the evolving US cannabis industry.

CEO Fabian Monaco and other members of the amazing Gage Growth team joined the CSE to kick off the day’s trading.

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Kevin Wright on Bridging Brands to Esports Communities | #HashtagFinance

CSE’s James Black chats with Kevin Wright, President of GameSquare Esports Inc. (CSE:GSQ) to discuss the company’s unique focus on the agency vertical in esports and how they are bridging the gap between global brands and growing gaming communities.

Here’s an overview of what James and Kevin cover in this edition of the #HashtagFinance podcast:

0:00 – Introducing Kevin Wright and GameSquare
1:50 – The state of esports in 2021
4:55 – The role of physical infrastructure in esports
8:30 – The GameSquare business model – backed by Code Red and GCN
12:45 – Describing “brand safety”
13:55 – Why non-endemic brands are getting involved in esports 17:45 – Following the playbook from “traditional” professional sports
22:15 – Ninja and Apex Legends
23:30 – Kevin’s background in programming and banking
27:30 – The wrap

About GameSquare Esports

GameSquare Esports Inc. is an international gaming and esports company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The Company is seeking to acquire additional assets and entities serving the gaming and esports markets and, more broadly, in sports and entertainment.

The acquisition of Code Red Esports Ltd. (“Code Red”), an esports talent agency, provided an initial foothold in Europe through its UK operations. Code Red represents leading on-screen talent, players and influencers and works with leading global brands to develop influencer campaigns and esports marketing strategies. GameSquare’s second acquisition of Reciprocity Corp. provides access to Asia, Latin America and North America.

Its gaming and esports assets include: a CrossFire franchise in China that it owns with its partner LGD Gaming, a 40% interest in a League of Legends team that competes in Latin America, and, its wholly owned subsidiary corporation, GCN, a digital media company focusing on the gaming and esports audience based in Los Angeles, USA.

Learn more about GameSquare Esports at

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WellteQ Digital Health Inc. Joins the CSE for a Market Open

The CSE welcomed WellteQ Digital Health Inc. (CSE: WTEQ) for a virtual Market Open on March 24, 2021. 

WellteQ is a leading provider of corporate wellness solutions that use data-driven, personalized health and wellness coaching to encourage users toward healthier behaviours. Currently, WellteQ is developing its newly acquired Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) technologies for connected patient apps. The CSE looks forward to seeing this company expand their continuum of care and continue promoting healthier lifestyles.

Kicking off the day’s trading at this virtual Market Open was CEO Scott Montgomery, along with other members of the incredible WellteQ team. 

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Jeff Stevens on the Healing Potential of Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms | #HashtagFinance

CSE’s Anil Mall chats with Jeff Stevens, CEO of Psyched Wellness Ltd. (CSE:PSYC) to discuss the company’s objective to create premium mushroom-derived products that have the potential to become a leading North American brand in the emerging functional food category. Jeff also shares how they are developing a line of Amanita Muscaria-derived water-based extracts, teas and capsules designed to help with three health objectives: promote stress relief and relaxation, assist with sleeping and to support mood.

Here’s an overview of what Anil and Jeff cover in this edition of the #HashtagFinance podcast:

0:00 – Introducing Jeff Stevens CEO of Psyched Wellness
2:30 – The company’s mission to harness the healing power of mushrooms
6:00 – The science and history of Amanita Muscaria
9:00 – Professor David Nutt – a thought leader in Amanita Muscaria
11:20 – Michael Nederhoff, Terry Booth and the PSYC Board
16:00 – Psyched’s developing product line
17:20 – The R&D required to launch a micro dose product
20:30 – Keeping up with Psyched
22:50 – Closing comments – the value proposition

Learn more about Psyched Wellness at: 

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SoLVBL Solutions Inc. Joins the CSE for a Market Open

The CSE was happy to welcome SoLVBL Solutions Inc. (CSE:SOLV) for a virtual Market Open on March 17, 2021.

SoLVBL Solutions Inc. is a cybersecurity company, working on developing a universal standard for establishing digital record authenticity. Their lead product, Q by SoLVBL™, enables fast authentication of digital records, allowing companies to quickly establish trust in their data. The company is focused on solutions for several industries, including the financial sector, medical applications, and critical internet of things (IoT) infrastructure. The CSE looks forward to seeing how this innovative company continues to protect the integrity of data in the virtual world.

CEO Ray Pomroy and other fantastic members of the SoLVBL team kicked off the start of trading during this virtual Market Open.

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Public Entrepreneur Magazine: The Mining Issue – Now Live!

Welcome to the latest issue of Public Entrepreneur magazine, your source for in-depth stories of entrepreneurs from a wealth of different industries.

While 2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges, 2021 appears to be a year of unearthing new opportunities in the mining space. In this issue of Public Entrepreneur, we dig into all aspects of the industry, highlighting trailblazing entrepreneurs who are forging their own paths ahead. 

We shine a spotlight on CSE-listed companies that are exploring possibilities sheltered in diverse geographic formations, reviving deposits, and delving into previously overlooked economic opportunities. We also share the perspectives of influential women in mining. 

The CSE-listed companies featured in this issue include:

Check out the Mining Issue of Public Entrepreneur here:

The CSE Celebrates International Women’s Day With a Virtual Market Open

On March 8, 2021, the CSE marked International Women’s Day with a special virtual Market Open featuring the talented women on the CSE team. This Market Open celebrated women’s achievements worldwide and acknowledged the ongoing work toward the goal of gender equality.

“At the CSE, we know that diversity and inclusion matter. We also recognize that the current environment reinforces that women bring different experience, perspectives and skills to the table, making irreplaceable contributions to decisions and policies that better the workplace for everyone,” said Mary Anne Palangio, Chief Financial Officer of the CSE. “This is not a one-day or a one-week focus for us. It’s part of our DNA,” she said.

The CSE is proud to play an important role in helping women entrepreneurs access the capital markets.

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Verano Holdings Corp. Joins the CSE for a Virtual Market Open

The CSE gave a warm welcome to Verano Holdings Corp. (CSE:VRNO) with a virtual Market Open on February 17th, 2021. 

Verano Holdings Corp. is a leading multi-state cannabis operator covering 14 US states and an expanding lineup of consumer brands. Their cultivation facilities cover an impressive 750,000 square feet in three states, giving Verano a competitive edge in the cannabis industry. With a mission to address vital health and wellness needs, Verano produces a comprehensive suite of premium innovative cannabis products, and the CSE is excited for the future of this growing and evolving cannabis operator. 

To open the day’s trading session, Verano Holdings Corp. CEO and Founder George Archos and his wonderful team joined the CSE for a celebratory virtual Market Open. 

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Ready Set Gold Corp. Joins the CSE for a Virtual Market Open

The CSE gave a warm welcome to Ready Set Gold Corp. (CSE:RDY) with a virtual Market Open on January 11th, 2021. 

Ready Set Gold Corp. is a mineral exploration company based out of Vancouver. Its principal business activities include acquiring and exploring exploration and evaluation assets. They have exploration and evaluation assets located in the Thunder Bay Mining Division within Priske Township, approximately 4 km south of the town of Schreiber, Ontario, on the northern shore of Lake Superior.

To open the day’s trading session, Ready Set Gold Corp. CEO and Director Christian Scovenna and his wonderful team joined the CSE for the first virtual Market Open of 2021. 

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