Top 10 Tips to Improve News Releases for your CSE Listed Company

Global consumption of news is at an all-time high. Our digital lives keep us constantly connected and fed with a steady diet of emails, shares, tweets and more. The result is that people actually have less time to read than ever before.

So, how do you create news releases that will get the attention of an overstimulated audience?

Here are 10 tips to help your company’s news stand out:

  1. Focus on the headline
    • Include your company name and an action item.
    • The headline is your best chance to make a statement and to capture the reader’s attention. Use the opportunity to make an impression.
  2. Keep it concise
    • Many will not read beyond your headline and first paragraph, make your point early and get the important details across promptly.
    • Less is more in an era where the average person is overwhelmed with content.
  3. Use multimedia
    • A picture/map/chart/video will increase viewership of a news release and provide a visual representation of the message.
  4. Include a quote
  • Readers’ eyes are naturally drawn to the first quote.
  • A quote adds a human element to the news and provides great content for journalists.
  1. Link back to your website
    • Your news release shouldn’t explain every detail. A link will encourage readers to visit your site for more information.
  2. Use social media
    • Your investors are using social media and you should as well.
    • “Like,” “Share,” “Re-Tweet” your own releases and encourage other to do it too.
  3. Stay active
    • A news release should be issued at least once per quarter. This helps you to maintain momentum, build a historical timeline of announcements and keep your story relevant.
  4. Build and maintain your own contact list
    • Allow investors and potential investors to subscribe to your mailing list.
    • Collect contacts within your industry – media, analysts, bloggers.
    • Include the list on your news distribution.
  5. Think like a “skimmer”
    • Let’s face it, your readers are scanning through your news release (a natural consequence of our time-starved society) – so create your news release for the eyes of a skimmer.
    • Let readers quickly find what they’re looking for and catch their attention by using the tips in this list.
  6. Use a reputable newswire
  • Although you can promote your own story, nothing takes the place of a trusted newswire.
  • In a world of “fake news,” an emphasis on authentication will only grow stronger.

You are one among thousands of public companies in North America, all competing for the attention of enthusiastic, research-driven investors. If a news release is your best tool for marketing your company, consider your audience’s perspective, reading habits and research needs. Implement these 10 tips. And then enjoy an increase in reader feedback; an increase in awareness of your company; and an increase in your confidence that your news releases are effectively promoting your message.


Ian Tennant
Newsfile Corp.

This story was written by Ian Tennant and featured in Service Providers magazine.