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Cultivar Holdings Inc. Opens the Market at the CSE Media Centre

The CSE was excited to welcome Cultivar Holdings Inc. to open the market at the CSE Media Centre on January 29th, 2020.

Cultivar Holdings Inc. is an early stage cannabis company based in Toronto, Canada. The company cultivates cannabis in Jamaica, and has a variety of offerings in the industry, ranging from cannabis derived products, to proprietary artificial intelligence technology that can help workplace safety and law enforcement detect cannabis impairment. Its products include consumable health goods, natural cosmetics, and genetic tools for opioids and cannabis dependency. With its ongoing research and development efforts, Cultivar Holdings’ vision is to be a global leader in the cannabis space.

“It’s a pleasure being here, [ringing] the bell today,” remarked COO Dr. Rahul Kushwah. “It’s a journey that started over two and a half years ago. And our stronghold is really our impairment technology, because when you look at the landscape, impairment – whether it’s cannabis or alcohol – is actually a huge concern. But especially in the cannabis space, there is nothing out there that can identify impairment.”

He added, “there’s actually a lot which is in the pipeline, which I can’t disclose right now. What I can say is that we are developing our entire business around AI and impairment technology. And as this year progresses, there are going to be a lot of developments which should be disseminating, so it’s a great space to watch.”

CEO Sheldon Kales and other key members of the Cultivar Holdings team were also in attendance at the Market Open.

View the podcast on this Market Open featuring Dr. Rahul Kushwah here.

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