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Dan Nelson on Empowering the Cannabis Consumer with Information

Dan Nelson, CEO of Wikileaf Technologies (CSE:WIKI), joins Grace Pedota to discuss the Wikileaf Market Open at the CSE Media Centre (0:39), how his own experience with cannabis inspired him to create a dispensary comparison platform (2:09), and Wikileaf’s mission to empower cannabis consumers with information (12:07). Listen until the end to learn about the company’s partnership with Chuck Rifici and Nesta Holding Co., for his experience with consumer brand and product loyalty, and to hear about Dan’s climb up Mount Kilimanjaro!

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Wikileaf Technologies Opens the Market at the CSE Media Centre

The CSE welcomed the team from Wikileaf Technologies (CSE:WIKI) to open the market at the CSE Media Centre on September 23, 2019.

With a mission to empower cannabis consumers using pricing information and tools, Wikileaf owns and operates wikileaf.com, a comparison site that helps consumers find location-based pricing information on cannabis strains and products. The Market Open on September 23 marked the start of Wikileaf’s journey as a CSE-listed company.

“At Wikileaf, we’re the first price comparison engine for the legal cannabis market. We have 4,000 dispensaries on our platform with almost a million people using the site every month,” remarked CEO Dan Nelson.

“It’s a huge honour to be listed on the CSE today. This is a monumental moment for our company. We’ve been looking forward to this day for two years, and we’re just so thrilled for the CSE to have us.”

Several key members of the Wikileaf team joined Dan Nelson at the Market Open, including Patrick Lalonde and Chuck Rifici, and it was a pleasure to welcome Wikileaf Technologies to celebrate both their Market Open milestone and their recent listing on the CSE.

View the podcast for this Market Open featuring Dan Nelson here.

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