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Taking a Tour of Israel Tech | The CSE Podcast Ep5-S3

This week we take the show on-the-road to Tel Aviv, Israel where we get caught up with tech executives in the health tech, cannabis, life sciences and food tech sectors.

First-up is an intro to VVT Medical led by Erez Tetro and Concenter BioPharma, led by Dror Chevion. After introducing their respective businesses Erez and Dror sit down with guest host Mark Francis to discuss the motivations behind their businesses and the hard lessons learned bringing their visions to market.

Following that, we go rapid-fire with Rob Cook, who introduces several more innovators and executives from the Israeli tech space, including those standing firmly at the intersection of public markets and entrepreneurship. Featured on this week’s show are:

Erez Tetro – CEO of VVT Medical
Dror Chevion – CEO, Co-Founder, Director of Concenter BioPharma
Jonathan Ben-Cnaan – Co-Founder of Atlas Global Brands (CSE:ATL)
Eli Ben Haroosh – CEO of Stickit Labs
Tamir Gedo – CEO of Beyond Oil (CSE:BOIL)
Yoav Bar Joseph – Founder & CEO of Cannibble Foodtech (CSE:PLCN)
Iris Bincovich – CEO of InnoCan Pharma (CSE:INNO)
It’s a fascinating cross sector of the types of companies one can find in the “start-up nation” and great examples of innovation at work – so please enjoy the show and our apologies for some of the spotty audio on this week’s recording – we did our best within very noisy environments to bring you this week’s episode – enjoy!
Hosts: James Black, Rob Cook and Mark Francis
Producer: James Black

Learn more about VVT Medical at https://www.vvtmed.com/
Learn more about Concenter BioPharma at https://www.concenterbiopharma.com/
Learn more about Atlas Global Brands at https://atlasglobalbrands.com/
Learn more about Stickit Labs at https://stickit-labs.com/
Learn more about Beyond Oil at https://www.beyondoil.co/
Learn more about Cannibble Foodtech at https://cannibble.world/
Learn more about InnoCan Pharma at https://innocanpharma.com/

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Beyond Oil Ltd. (CSE:BOIL) Joins the CSE for a Virtual Market Open

The CSE warmly welcomed Beyond Oil Ltd. (CSE:BOIL) for a virtual Market Open on May 25, 2022. 

Beyond Oil is an innovative foodtech company that has developed a unique, patented breakthrough solution to eliminate free fatty acids (FFA) from edible oils through an environmentally sensitive and cost-effective process, while preserving quality and nutritional value. Beyond Oil’s unique technology and methodology integrate into customers’ existing oil filtration processes, reducing the amount of used oil required in restaurant operations.

CEO Dr. Tamir Gedo and other members of the Beyond Oil team kicked off the day’s trading at the virtual Market Open. 

“For us, going public was a natural evolution. Canada is accepting, accessible and friendly, and will help us go all the way,” stated CEO Dr. Tamir Gedo, adding, “… we thought it would be easier for us to go to an exchange that is more receptive and more understanding of the entrepreneurship issues.”  

James Black, VP of Listings Development at the CSE noted that “We are thrilled to welcome Beyond Oil to the CSE – yet another cohort hailing from Israel and another fine example of entrepreneurship at work from the Start-up Nation. We thank Dr. Gedo and his team for choosing the CSE to further their ambitions in the Canadian public markets!”

For more details about the CSE, including information on other Market Opens, please visit the CSE website or follow us on social media.