Sean Kingsley on the Current State of the Mining Industry | The CSE Podcast Ep25-S2 (Asian Heritage Month 2022)

In a special episode for Asian Heritage Month, the CSE’s Phillip Shum is joined by Enduro Metals (CSE:ENDR) Director of Communications Sean Kingsley to discuss his journey to a successful career in mining, his advice for young people, and the challenges he faces at his job. The conversation also addresses what Asian Heritage Month means to Sean and the influence of his Chinese heritage on his perspectives.

Here’s an overview of what Phillip and Sean discuss in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and family background
03:40 – Professional background
05:15 – Getting into the mining space
07:10 – The most exciting part of the job
08:50 – Advice for anyone who wants to get into the industry
10:55 – How has your Asian heritage shaped the person you are today?
13:25 – Any traditions that you are especially proud of?
17:30 – The state of discovering new minerals/metals
20:30 – What does Asian Heritage Month mean to you?
22:30 – Final message and contact information

About Sean Kingsley
Sean Kingsley provides strategic consultation to private and publicly listed junior resource companies. He has 15 years’ experience within the mineral exploration, mining and development sector specializing in corporate development, strategic marketing, consultation, investor relations/awareness & capital raising. Mr. Kingsley has a strong grass-roots & a global investor network, a firm understanding of the financial markets and experience in utilizing diverse methods for public communications globally.

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