PharmAla Biotech Holdings Inc. (CSE:MDMA) Joins the CSE for a Virtual Market Open

The CSE warmly welcomed PharmAla Biotech Holdings Inc. (CSE:MDMA) for a virtual Market Open on January 26, 2022.  

PharmAla is focused on the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients of the substituted methylenedioxy- phenethylamines class (MDXX), including 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). PharmAla also intends to develop novel formulations of MDMA and MDXX, as well as novel drug delivery pathways for these molecules.

CEO Nicholas Kadysh and other members of the amazing PharmAla team kicked off the day’s trading at the virtual Market Open. 

“We’re very excited to be listed on the CSE and to open the market – not only for ourselves but also for all of the good that we think we can do with MDMA and molecules in the MDXX class,” stated Kadysh. 

CSE CEO Richard Carleton added, “We really have struck a chord with teams that are looking to advance the understanding and application of various compounds for the treatment of a variety of mental health issues – CSE has been there on the forefront and we look forward to helping PharmAla Biotech advance their cause.” 

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