Anish Chopra on Bringing Diversity to Wealth Management | The CSE Podcast Ep23-S2 (Asian Heritage Month 2022)

In a special episode celebrating Asian Heritage Month, the CSE’s Phillip Shum is joined by Anish Chopra, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Portfolio Management Corporation, to discuss his journey to a successful career in wealth management, his advice for young people entering the industry, and why diversity is so important for fostering new insights. The conversation also addresses what Asian Heritage Month means to Mr. Chopra.

Here’s an overview of the discussion in this edition of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” podcast:

00:00 – Introduction and Background
05:35 – What inspired you to work in accounting?
08:45 – Advice for others who want to join the industry
11:35 – How has your heritage shaped your identity?
14:00 – What does Asian Heritage Month mean to you?
14:55 – What are some talents or skills that most people don’t know you have?
16:10 – Social media links and website information

About Anish Chopra
Anish is a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager covering global equities and fixed income at Portfolio Management Corporation, a boutique investment management firm for high net worth investors and their families. As a result of his accumulated professional expertise, Anish is a sought-after media commentator regularly providing his views on business trends and developments on BNN Bloomberg, to the Canadian Press and other media.

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