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Chris Jones on the Fundamentals of Cannabis Retailing in Ontario | #HashtagFinance

CSE’s Grace Pedota is joined by Chris Jones, CEO of Cannabis Xpress to discuss his experience launching a new cannabis retail venture in the midst of the pandemic, and the recent steps he has taken to deliver his vision for a speedier and more efficient model of cannabis retail.

Here’s an overview of what Grace and Chris cover in this edition of the #HashtagFinance podcast:

0:35 – Introducing Chris Jones
3:20 – Trend-spotting during his time at Origin House
4:42 – Founding the Star Buds retail chain
6:58 – Why he chose Barrie for his debut retail location
9:19 – Ontario’s quick transition to virtual inspections
12:35 – Insights from his first retail launch
14:13 – Cannabis Xpress – focused on speed and efficiency
18:28 – Who is the ideal customer for Cannabis Xpress?
20:47 – Drive through cannabis stores?
22:05 – Characteristics of cannabis 3.0
23:50 – How COVID has been positive for the cannabis industry
26:20 – Teaching ‘cannabis’ at post-secondary institutions
28:00 – Advice for new cannabis retailers

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