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Continuing to build great value: CSE partners with Nasdaq Corporate Solutions

© Copyright 2014, The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc
© Copyright 2014, The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc

If there’s one thing that publicly traded companies must appreciate, it is the value of telling their company story well. A professional and polished investor relations experience can make a meaningful difference between having investors listen and sending them to listen to someone else.

As a client-centered organization the Canadian Securities Exchange is deeply committed to enhancing the value for its current and prospective listings. For example, the CSE provided listed companies in Vancouver with a special session on effective marketing techniques for an investor roadshow. Recently, the CSE has launched another potentially transformative venture.

In late 2014, the CSE formally announced its new partnership with Nasdaq Corporate Solutions and in doing so, has opened the door for CSE-listed issuers to access top tier IR and IR-related operational support. CSE-listed companies will receive a ‘members-only’ preferred rate when accessing these services.

As a partner, Nasdaq Corporate Solutions brings with it a substantial degree of support, leading technology tools and economies of scale. According to Nasdaq their Corporate Solutions division has 10,000 clients in over 60 countries worldwide.

The services that Nasdaq Corporate Solutions offers include IR desktop & mobile platforms, advisory services and press release distribution. The full list of their services is available here.

With many emerging technology firms choosing to list on the exchange, a strong corporate services provider with considerable expertise and a broad reach makes sense to both the CSE and its listed companies. According to Robert Cook, Senior Vice President, Market Development at the CSE “The Nasdaq offering is a step up for many of our companies that want new tools to reach a wider audience, within Canada and beyond. “

Strategically, this latest joint venture is also an important signal that the growth and position of the CSE in the securities marketplace landscape is not going unnoticed by key stakeholders. With established relationships between the CSE and 40 independent service providers, and now Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, entrepreneurial firms are getting growth in value by choosing to build their company on the CSE. That is a story entrepreneurs love to hear.