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Robert Delamar on Detecting Threats with WiFi | #HashtagFinance

On this episode of #HashtagFinance, CSE’s Anil Mall talks with Robert Delamar, CEO of First Responder Technologies Inc. (CSE:WPN) about how First Responder is developing groundbreaking technologies to prevent and safely defuse public attacks involving concealed weapons. Here’s an overview of what they cover in this podcast:

3:07 – The vision behind the creation of First Responder Technologies and why its more important than ever in light of the recent social climate.

5:27 – Virtual fencing explained and concealed weapon detection.

9:04 – Balancing personal freedoms with protecting the public from threats.

11:09 – The size of the global security market.

13:17 – How this technology integrates with policing and justifiable search and seizure.

16:42 – Rob’s 20 year history in law and technology.

18:38 – First Responder’s diverse global team from tech, military, and policing.

22:55 – The statement of values and how it is put into progress across and outside the organization.

26:23 – Serving the commercial and residential markets.

28:03 – Product background – software and hardware.

30:44 – Current collaborations with partnerships at Rutgers, MistyWest, Wave Labs, and Purdue University.

33:16 – Early recognition at the UK Security and Policing Show.

37:02 AI Open Carry Weapons Detection System.

40:22 – The challenge of blending human privacy with the incredible capabilities of technology.

45:18 – Milestones met since the company went public on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

48:52 – How lockdown time has led to new innovations in the residential services side of their business.

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Dana Wheeler and Douglas Smith on Saving Lives Through Threat Detection Tech | #HashtagFinance

CSE’s Anil Mall was joined by Dana Wheeler, CEO, and Douglas Smith, Chairman of Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc. (CSE:PRT) to discuss how the company is saving lives through advanced threat detection technologies.

In this chat, Dana and Douglas share how the origin of the company has roots in checkpoint security and the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings (2:49), why private-public partnerships are key when developing security solutions (8:43), the science behind millimetre waves and threat detection (16:12) and some of the world-class agencies the company currently works with (22:41).

Listen until the end to learn more about the technical and leadership team at Plymouth Rock, how their technology applies across land, air, sea, AND space and the coolest thing that they do as a company (hint – it involves drones!)

About Plymouth Rock Technologies:
At Plymouth Rock Technologies, their engineers address real world problems by applying the latest techniques from engineering and science to find solutions that help keep people and places safe – on land, at sea, in the air and in space.

The Company is developing the next generation of threat detection solutions, the PRT X1 is a purpose built multi-rotor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). The unit contains an integrated sensor package that combines Thermal detection with 4K HD real-time air-to-ground streaming. Our advanced threat detection methods fuse artificial intelligence with augmented reality interfaces to eliminate human operating error. Plymouth Rock products, both airborne and land-based, will scan for threat items at greater “stand-off” distances than current existing technologies. Their unique radar imaging and signal processing technology creates new opportunities for remotely operated, none intrusive screening of crowds in real time.

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