CSE Trading & Listings Review: February 2015

Although February is the shortest month of the year, for the CSE, there was still more than enough activity to make for a busy month. In addition to the exciting launch of the CSE Composite Index, there was a whole host of healthy listing, financing and trading activity.

New Listings

On the listings front, the CSE welcomed the following 6 new listings to the exchange bringing the grand total number of securities trading on the CSE to 273 as of February 28th.

  1. True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. (MJ)
  2. Weststar Resources Corp. (WER)
  3. Bravura Ventures Corp. (BVQ)
  4. Montego Resources Inc. (MY)
  5. Tosca Resources Corp. (TSQ)
  6. Rheingold Exploration Corp. (RGE)

Of those listings, Montego Resources came to the CSE as an IPO, raising $510,000 via their agent Canaccord Genuity Corp.

Financing Activity

February was also another strong month for financing activity at the CSE. There were 18 financing deals worth a total of $9.6 million dollars. In terms of sectors, there was a strong interest in technology deals followed by mining and diversified industries. Thus far for 2015, financing for technology listings on the CSE have been very healthy.


Trading Activity

CSE trading metrics for February continued to remain strong. The total volume of trades reached 217M (a 57% increase year over year) with a total value traded of $64M.


There were just over 19.5 thousand trades with an average volume per trade of 11,128 and an average value per trade of $3,281.

The top five most active issues on the CSE by volume for February were:

  1. Manitoba Hydro Bds XII F/R 1.75% 15JUN18 (MHL.DB.B)
  2. Cannabix Technologies Inc. (BLO)
  3. Matica Enterprises Inc. (MMJ)
  4. M Pharmaceutical Inc. (MQ)
  5. InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IN)

The top five most actively traded issues on the CSE for February were:

  1. Cannabix Technologies Inc. (BLO)
  2. Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (ATT)
  3. InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IN)
  4. Matica Enterprises Inc. (MMJ)
  5. Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SL)

A full trade summary for February can be accessed here

Other Updates

Here are some quick highlights of other listings/trading related news from February:

  • Hybrid Paytech World Inc has changed its name to Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc. (MOS)
  • Kenieba Goldfields changed its name to EA Education Group Inc. (EA)