CSE Trading & Listing Review: March 2015

New Listings

The Canadian Securities Exchange continued with strong momentum through Q1 of 2015. March was a particularly busy month at the CSE with the PDAC at the beginning of the month as well as the CSE Composite Index undergoing its initial rebalance. Operationally there was lots on the go. Listings on the CSE continued to grow with the total number of securities listed climbing to 280. Helping to propel the number of listings higher were the 10 new companies that joined the CSE.

  1. Ameri-Can Agri Co. Inc. (ACM)
  2. JG Wealth Management Corporation (JGW)
  3. Aydon Income Properties Inc. (AYD)
  4. Can-Ameri Agri Co. Inc. (CGQ)
  5. Saratoga Electronic Solutions Inc. (ABA)
  6. Ansar Financial and Development Corporation (AFD)
  7. Qwick Media Inc. (QMI)
  8. Nutritional High International Inc. (NHL)
  9. IGEN Networks Corp. (IGN)
  10. Data Deposit Box Inc. (DDB)

Financing Activity

The number of financing deals in March remained strong at 17 (vs 18 in February) with the value of those deals increasing slightly ($10.6M vs $9.6M) compared to the prior month. On a YTD basis, technology company financings have been dominant, representing 77% of the financing deals completed.

CSE Trading Activity

CSE trading activity also remained robust in March. 251M shares were traded (a 15% increase m/m) representing a total value of $35M and an average value per trade of $1,849.

The top five most active securities on the CSE by volume for March were:

  1. Nutritional High International Inc.
  2. Matica Enterprises Inc.
  3. GeoNovus Minerals Corp.
  4. Khan Resources Inc
  5. Jagercor Energy Corp.

The top five most actively traded securities on the CSE for March  were:

  1. Nutritional High International Inc.
  2. Cannabix Technologies Inc.
  3. Matica Enterprises Inc.
  4. InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  5. Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc.

For full trading information for March, click here to access the monthly trading summary.


Other Updates

CSE Composite Index had its first rebalancing of 2015 take place. The index is normally expected to be rebalanced quarterly on the third Friday in each of March, June, September and December. Below are the most recent changes that were made to the CSE Composite Index.