CSE Trading & Listing Review – June 2015

Publicly listed companies continued to show strong interest in the Exchange for Entrepreneurs in June. With 11 new listings and $17 million in financings, the CSE is quickly closing in on the milestone of 300 listed securities. As of the end of June there were 291 listings from 269 issuers. Read below for further details.

New Listings

The CSE welcomed 11 new listings to the Exchange last month. There were six equity listings, one of which was an IPO (Squire Mining Ltd.), from a variety of sectors as well as five bonds listed. Here are the new additions:

  1. Expedition Mining Inc. (CSE:EXU)
  2. Light Access Technologies Inc. (CSE:LTE)
  3. Captiva Verde Industries Ltd. (CSE:VEG)
  4. Gravitas Financial Inc. Debentures (CSE:GFI.DB.B)
  5. Squire Mining Ltd. (CSE:SQR)
  6. Global Gardens Group Acquisition Corp. (CSE:VGM)
  7. Alliance Growers Corp. (CSE:ACG)

The Province of Manitoba also listed four of its Series 15 Builder Bonds under the following symbols:

  1. Three-year annual fixed rate – to June 15, 2018 (CSE:BMB.DB.A)
  2. Five-Year Annual Fixed Rate – to June 15, 2020 (CSE:BMB.DB.B)
  3. Five-Year Compound Fixed Rate – to June 15, 2020 (CSE:BMB.DB.C)
  4. Five-Year Annual Floating Rate – to June 15, 2020 (CSE:BMB.DB.D)

Financing Activity

Deal activity in June continued to remain robust with $17 million in financing deals taking place. Year to date, deals were up 25% as of the end of June 2015. The technology and biopharmaceutical sectors continue to attract strong deal activity.

CSE Trading Activity

Trading volume strengthened by 30% in June compared to May. Just over 200 million shares traded in the month across 14.7 thousand trades. For more details on CSE trading activity for June, click here.


The top five most active issues on the CSE by volume for June were:

  1. KWG Resources Inc. (CSE:KWG)
  2. Nutritional High International Inc. (CSE:NHL)
  3. DealNet Capital Corp. (CSE:DLS)
  4. Affinor Growers Inc. (CSE:AFI)
  5. Umbral Energy Corp. (CSE:UMB)

The top five most actively traded issues on the CSE for June were:

  1. Cannabix Technologies Inc. (CSE:BLO)
  2. Lite Access Technologies Inc. (CSE:LTE)
  3. Nutritional High International Inc. (CSE:NHL)
  4. DealNet Capital Corp. (CSE:DLS)
  5. InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CSE:IN)

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