CSE Presents: Ten Keys to a Successful Investor Road Show – Vancouver

How, when and where a company presents its story can spell the difference between attracting investment capital or watching it go elsewhere.

To help empower companies to create effective presentations and make better choices with their marketing and investor relations budgets, the CSE, in partnership with Market Motion Media, will be sponsoring an exclusive workshop on how to plan and deliver a successful investor roadshow.

Join the CSE on Thursday October 30th from 9am to 1pm in downtown Vancouver to learn about tips, tools and best practices industry leaders use when taking their story on the road.

Included in the session are:

  • Public speaking tips for best presenting your company story
  • How to create compelling presentation decks
  • Key elements investors look for in corporate presentations

For more information, or to register for this event, click here. RSVP REQUIRED, SPACE LIMITED!