5 Reasons Why so many Companies are Choosing the CSE

2015 has been a phenomenal year for the Canadian Securities Exchange.

With close to 300 listings now on the Exchange for Entrepreneurs, over 150 financing deals in 2015 , strong trading volumes and well over $110 million dollars in capital raised, publicly listed firms have found a solution in the CSE’s innovative listing model.

What’s so innovative about the CSE’s approach to public listing? In a word: simplicity.

The CSE is disrupting the securities exchange landscape in Canada because they believe that minimizing the complexity of being public without sacrificing transparency or accountability is a win-win-win. It’s a win for listed issuers, for investors as well as for the CSE.

With over 40 securities choosing the CSE in 2015, and more on the way, find out the five reasons  causing more firms to take notice of and join the CSE in this video featuring CEO of the CSE, Richard Carleton.

Video credit: BTV – Business Television