Public Entrepreneur

Welcome to Public Entrepreneur, the new magazine published by Sparx Publishing Group on behalf of the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

Public Entrepreneur represents a bold and exciting new chapter in the CSE’s story, one that will better reflect the growing presence of the “Exchange for Entrepreneurs” in the Canadian public market space.

With over 500 securities now listed on the CSE and more joining every day, share turnover measured in the billions and innovative new services, like tokenized securities being brought to market, we believe this new magazine will chronicle the next chapter in the CSE’s storied commitment to public entrepreneurship.

To that end, Public Entrepreneur will continue the traditions started by its predecessor, the CSE Quarterly, namely, to focus on the stories and entrepreneurs that emerge from CSE-listed issuers. Publication will also continue to take place quarterly. What is new, however, is that Public Entrepreneur will also broaden its scope to include coverage of the opportunities and personalities that shape life in Canadian public markets.

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Public Entrepreneur: 2019 Issue 2

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