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Welcome to Public Entrepreneur’s newest media venture – the #HashtagFinance podcast. Produced by the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), this podcast allows Public Entrepreneur to shine a spotlight on interesting personalities and relevant issues in the Canadian public markets via a brand-new medium.

As the Exchange for Entrepreneurs, the CSE knows a thing or two about realities of growing an enterprise from the ground up. Now having reached over 500 securities listed with more joining every day, there is a vibrant, growing community of innovators on the exchange that investors and other entrepreneurs are keen to hear from. We believe that the conversations taking place on our podcast will enable listeners to take a real-time pulse of the issues and trends shaping capital markets today.

Thank you for embarking on this exciting journey with us, and we encourage you to subscribe, share and extend the conversation about the world of the public entrepreneur.

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Paul Pedersen on Evolving Edibles with Advanced Extraction Technology

Paul Pedersen, CEO and Co-Founder of Nextleaf Solutions (CSE:OILS), joins Phillip Shum to discuss why the company decided to enter ...
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Neil Seeman on Generating Actionable Insights with Incalculable Amounts of Data

Neil Seeman, Founder and CEO of RIWI Corp. (CSE:RIW), joins James Black to discuss how RIWI generates actionable insights via ...
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Robert Galarza on Bringing Blockchain into the Cannabis World

Robert Galarza, CEO and Director of TruTrace Technologies Inc. (CSE:TTT), joins James Black to discuss how TruTrace established its position ...
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Gianni Kovacevic on the Vital Role of Copper in Sustainable Energy Solutions

Gianni Kovacevic, CEO of Copperbank Resources (CSE:CBK) and author of My Electrician Drives a Porsche?, joins Grace Pedota to discuss ...
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Marlene Street Forrest on Creating Wealth via Transparent Processes

Marlene Street Forrest, Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, joins Barrington Miller in the podcast studio during the JSE’s ...
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Shira Adler on the Role of CBD in Holistic Wellness

Shira Adler, Founder and CEO of Synergy and author of The ABCs of CBD, joins Grace Pedota via Skype to talk ...
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Trevor Koverko on Tokenized Securities and the Next Big Trend in Crypto

Trevor Koverko, Founder and Chairman of Polymath Network, joins James Black to discuss the origins of the Polymath securities token ...
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Frank Holmes on the Evolution of Cryptocurrency and Macroeconomics

Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors and Chairman of Hive Blockchain, joins Grace Pedota to ...
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Sherry Boodram on Cannabis Regulation and Compliance in an Evolving Market

Dr. Sherry Boodram, CEO and Co-Founder of CannDelta Inc., joined Grace Pedota to talk about her experience as a drug ...
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Jay Rosenthal on Compelling Storytelling in the Cannabis Industry

Jay Rosenthal, Business of Cannabis Co-Founder and President, joins Barrington Miller to discuss the importance of sharing compelling stories from ...
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