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Jack Bensimon on the Benefits of STOs in a Post-Quadriga World

Jack Bensimon, Managing Director of Black Swan Diagnostics, sat down with Barrington Miller to draw the distinctions between blockchain and digital currency (0:45), the practicalities of security token offerings (STOs) as a vehicle to raise global capital (4:45), and the importance of having regulated exchanges that offer investor protections and liquidity (8:30). Listen to the entire episode to hear why Jack predicts STOs, real-estate, and fractionalization will be the common themes around blockchain five years from now (14:15).

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Elizabeth Naumovski On Financial Literacy And Climbing An Active Volcano In Italy

Caldwell Securities Vice President of Marketing, Elizabeth Naumovski, sat down with Grace Pedota to discuss her experience climbing Stromboli, an active volcano in Sicily (1:40), developing her own financial literacy show that was influenced from her fear of finance along with her experience of hosting various finance shows (10:18), and the lessons she learned growing up in an immigrant family that helped her to live a debt-free life (16:33). Listen until the end to learn more about Elizabeth’s nomination at the Wealth Professional Awards on May 30th, and how her love for educating others in finance influenced her to become a finalist.

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Steve White on Retail Innovation and Progressive Hiring Practices in Cannabis

Harvest Health and Recreation CEO Steve White sat down for the final #WeedWeek episode with Grace Pedota to discuss how his company created a cannabis retail experience that had never been seen before (1:45), the importance of opening employment opportunities for veterans, women, and minorities (5:00) and why the cannabis industry is populated by so many ex-lawyers (12:15). Listen to the entire episode to hear Steve’s insight into how the $850m acquisition Verano Holdings materialized.

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Edward Fields on Applying a Silicon Valley Hypergrowth Mindset in the Cannabis Industry

DionyMed CEO Edward Fields sat down with Grace Pedota during #WeedWeek to chat about his experience in making the shift from the Silicon Valley technology world to the cannabis industry (1:00), the challenges and advantages of keeping pace with rapid regulatory changes and new laws (9:15), and defining the characteristics of the “canna curious” consumer (13:45). Listen until the end to hear Edward’s advice to young, cannabis startup entrepreneurs and how he was initially introduced to cannabis by his doctor to treat back pain.

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Susan Ameel on RegTech’s Role in Managing Risk and Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

Susan Ameel, Partner at Global Regulatory Risk Advisors LLC, recently sat down with Grace Pedota during #WeedWeek to highlight how her firm is leveraging technology to keep up with the rapidly evolving regulatory framework for cannabis (3:45), juxtapose the “.com” bubble with the current boom in cannabis (10:45), and outline the important balance of having regulation that doesn’t curb industry innovation (14:30). Listen until the end to hear Susan’s impression of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City and how she used to regularly swim to Canada from her home in Michigan!

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Matt Nordgren on Cannabis Investment and the Lessons Learned from Pro Football

#WeedWeek spills over into its second week! Arcadian Fund Founder and CEO Matt Nordgren sat down with Phillip Shum (ed. debut host!) to chat about his experience as a pro quarterback and his perspective on team building and investments (3:15), his funds’ criteria for cannabis investments (7:00), and defining the consumer opportunity in Cannabis (e.g. akin to the early days of Apple Computer) (15:00). Listen until the end of the pod to hear Matt’s thoughts on the use-case for cannabis for athletes, life-lessons learned as the star of “Most Eligible Dallas” and his seven-day challenge for all listeners and viewers!

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Joseph Lusardi on How Cannabis is Helping America Recover from the War on Drugs | #HashtagFinance

Curaleaf CEO Joseph Lusardi recently sat down with Barrington Miller during #WeedWeek to discuss why vertical integration is integral to controlling the quality and consistency of their product (4:00), how Curaleaf’s biggest advantage might be in its boardroom (6:00), and how evolving legislation is helping America recover from the “war on drugs” (10:30). Listen to the entire podcast to hear why Joseph Lusardi defines himself as a “reluctant pioneer” of the cannabis industry and how the industry is evolving in “dog years”.

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Charles Bachtell and Joe Caltabiano on the Fundamentals of Becoming a Top 3 MSO

A #HashtagFinance first, Barrington Miller hosts a three-way conversation with Cresco Labs’ (CSE:CL) Charles Bachtell and Joe Caltabiano during #WeedWeek. Both gentlemen share the lessons they learned from a previous life in the mortgage industry (1:30), how they distinguish the differences between traditional and non-traditional cannabis consumers (3:45), and the thinking behind Cresco’s acquisition of Origin House (8:15). Listen until the end to lean about Charles’ appointment to the Cannabis Legalization Subcommittee of Illinois Governor-elect JB Pritzker’s transition team and the importance of social equity in state transitions from medical to recreational cannabis.

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Chuck Smith on Expanding his House of Brands for Infused Cannabis Products | #HashtagFinance

Industry “OG” and CEO of Dixie Brands, Chuck Smith, recently sat down with Barrington Miller as part of Public Entrepreneur’s #WeedWeek podcast series. In this discussion Chuck shares why Dixie decided to focus on infused products and stay away from farming and cultivation (3:15), how the early origins of the company in medical cannabis have been integral to their efforts to build a portfolio of recreational product offerings (7:30) and the recent launch of CBD products for dogs AND cats! Listen until the end to learn about Chuck’s pioneering work on the Cannabis Trade Federation, his thoughts on cannabis taxation (ed. more interesting than it sounds), and their “transformative” JV with Khiron Life Sciences in Latin America.

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Go Cobalt: Battery metals the target with promising projects in the Yukon and Quebec

It was serendipity that led Go Cobalt Mining Corp CEO Scott Sheldon to the exploration company’s flagship Monster property in Yukon, Canada’s Wild West which is seeing a modern-day minerals-rush. The Monster property is located 80 km north of Dawson City, in Yukon.

“In 2011, I ran into a friend from university who had been living in the Yukon since graduating,” said Go Cobalt CEO Scott Sheldon. “My dad and I had recently discussed a collaboration and took this opportunity to move into a gold play together leveraging some great Yukon contacts.”

As the material needs of the world’s seven billion people continue to grow, there has been a rush to exploit the Yukon’s exceptionally rich resources — gold, zinc, cobalt, and more.

As a junior mineral exploration company, Go Cobalt is focused on copper, gold and cobalt projects in Canada. Yukon’s industry-friendly regulations attracted the battery metals company which has been in the resource rich region since 2011.

Go Cobalt is on the right track as the fundamentals supporting the cobalt sector such as the electric vehicle and energy storage booms continue to grow stronger.

Sheldon has mining in his veins. His father Don Sheldon raised capital for junior resource companies for nearly three decades.

“I started working in the industry when I was 16 years old up in the Golden Triangle of northern British Columbia,” said Sheldon. “I continued to do this every summer through university to help pay for my degree” added Sheldon, who graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax.

The Monster advantage

Interest in Yukon began in the 19th century when gold prospectors pushed northwards and plied creeks with picks, pans and shovels. Today, the Yukon in the northwestern wilderness of Canada is considered one of the best mining jurisdictions in the world.

Co Cobalt’s Monster property in the Yukon is a copper, cobalt, gold prospect covering 63 square kilometers of the Ogilvie Mountains in the Dawson Mining District. The company believes its Monster project represents a large, prospective opportunity because it lies on the Wernecke Breccia, a region of the Yukon known to host iron oxide copper gold (IOCG) style minerology.

“Our VP of exploration even wrote his thesis on comparing the Wernecke region of the Yukon to similar hydrothermal deposits in Australia. Some of the biggest copper mines in the world carry an IOCG signature,” said Sheldon. “Olympic Dam and Candelaria are two examples.”

The tremendous size, relatively simple metallurgy and relatively high grade of IOCG deposits can produce extremely profitable mines. The Monster has zones of elevated copper and cobalt concentrations across the entire 19 km length of the property. The Monster’s IOCG mineralization is hosted within and directly adjacent to the Wernecke Breccia.

“Major iron ore copper gold deposit trends have recently been recognized for hosting cobalt and offer high-tonnage potential,” said Sheldon.

Go Cobalt now covers 6,000 hectares of the Wernecke Breccia in the northern Wernecke Breccia belt and has high grade copper (over 3%) and cobalt (over 9%) on the property.

“There is also anomalous gold and silver. Traditionally IOCG deposits will be polymetallic and offer a range of minerals,” explained Sheldon.

Drilling in 2020

Go Cobalt has started work on the Monster using satellite imagery and roped in geoscientist Rodrigo Diaz, an expert in IOCGs and remote spectral geology, for optimizing the mineral exploration process.

The CEO said Go Cobalt had over $300,000 budgeted to spend on the property this year “to get it drill ready for 2020.”

“We are also redoing some of the historic gravity surveys using updated elevation models,” said Sheldon. “We expect to extensively expand the gravity survey this summer. In addition, we are planning a site wide electromagnetic survey and continued mapping to follow up on historic zones of interest.”

Go Cobalt doesn’t require additional environment permits at this point in its exploration program.

“We have had discussions with Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nation about our work on their traditional territory and will continue to keep them notified as we move forward,” said Sheldon. “The old road to the property is currently in disrepair and would need a special permit.”

The company will use one of the two air strips within 10 km of the property to stage its 2019 program. Go Cobalt says it has adequate funds for the mining season.

“We have about $1 million in the bank. Half of that is flow through funds to be spent this season. We also have about $1.8 million from outstanding warrants that are all ‘in the money’, said Sheldon.

Barachois Vanadium project

Some miners have really concentrated positions because they are focused on the short term. However, Go Cobalt is aware a complete absence of diversification can be painful for performance. Therefore, it also has a Barachois project, a sediment hosted vanadium-selenium-silver-lead-zinc prospect in the Gaspe area of Quebec.

The project covers 1,801 hectares where carboniferous aged sediments have been shown to host sedimentary vanadium-zinc-lead mineralization.

The latest, greatest utility-scale battery storage technology to emerge on the commercial market is the vanadium redox battery, also known as the vanadium flow battery. V-flow batteries are nonflammable, compact, reusable over semi-infinite cycles, discharge 100% of the stored energy and do not degrade for more than 20 years. These batteries use the multiple valence states of just vanadium to store and release charges.

“Barrachois helps us add another excellent battery metal in a good mining province. We are excited to further that project this summer,’ said Sheldon. “It is the polar opposite to the Monster. It has road access and is relatively flat topography.”

Investment case

Go Cobalt is leveraging the global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy by banking on a basket of battery metal projects. Global demand for cobalt, nickel and silvery-grey, malleable vanadium has skyrocketed in recent months with high demand from electric car and laptop makers.

“We are giving our investors exposure to a variety of battery metal projects,” said Sheldon. “Our flagship in the Yukon is a polymetallic style prospect. It has high grade surface mineralization for both copper and cobalt.  Also, we have a Vanadium project in Quebec, and we are actively searching for a Nickel project in Quebec as well.”

This story was originally published at on February 15, 2019 and featured in the Public Entrepreneur magazine.

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