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Featured Listing: Goviex Uranium (GXU)

Goviex UraniumThe combination of a growing global population, increased dependence on electronic devices and concern over environmental impacts of fossil fuels are three of major challenges facing governments around the world. For countries that have turned or are turning to nuclear power to generate electricity, stable access to uranium is key. Meeting that need is the focus of CSE listed firm Goviex Uranium (GXU).

Goviex Uranium debuted on the CSE in 2014 with an IPO and has been working towards the development of their flagship project in Niger, the Madaouela Project. Recently, Goviex Uranium’s CEO, Daniel Major, completed a video interview (see below) with BTV where he discussed their flagship project in more detail.

Representatives from Goviex Uranium will be at PDAC 2015 in Toronto and are scheduled to present at the CSE-sponsored investor luncheon (for more details click here).

To learn more about Goviex Uranium, visit their website at .

The CSE Quarterly – Issue 3 is now Live!

The CSE is proud to present the third issue of its quarterly publication – the CSE Quarterly – Issue 3 is now live! The publication profiles some of the CSE’s most dynamic listed companies on the exchange, including the following listings:

SecureCom Mobile Inc. (SCE)
ChroMedX Corp. (CHX)
Novo Resources Corp. (NVO)
Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. (LUX)
Pasinex Resources Limited (PSE)
Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc. (AKE)

Click below to access the full issue:

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The CSE Quarterly – Issue 2 is now live!

The CSE is proud to present the second issue of its quarterly publication – the CSE Quarterly – Issue 2 is now live! The publication profiles some of the CSE’s most dynamic listed companies on the exchange, including the following listings:

Big Rock Labs Inc. (BLA)
Helius Medical Technologies Inc. (HSM)
Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. (CMC)
Newnote Financial Corp. (NEU)
Axios Mobile Assets Corp. (AXA)
Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SL)
Chlormet Technologies Inc. (PUF)

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CSE New Listings Roundup for June 2014

If you’re wondering where the hottest place in Canada is this summer, it very well may be the CSE.

With a new record high number of listings in June 2014, the CSE is on pace to have its best year yet in terms of listings and trading activity and there is still plenty of time left on the calendar.

As we cross the halfway mark of 2014, the CSE has already seen 35 new listings join the exchange to date with 13 new listings added in June. The previous record for listings in a month was 10 (December 2010) and the previous high number of listings within a year (37) is within reach.

New to the exchange this month are:

  1. Lornex Capital Inc. – LOM
  2. West Point Resources Inc. – BLO
  3. Helius Medical Technologies Inc. – HSM
  4. Lions Gate Metals Inc. – LGM
  5. Appia Energy Corp. – API
  6. GoviEx Uranium Inc. – GXU
  7. Chlormet Technologies Inc. – PUF
  8. Murchison Minerals Ltd – MUR
  9. Mazorro Resources Inc. – MZO
  10. Orca Touchscreen Technologies – OAA
  11. BlackIce Enterprise Risk Management – BIS
  12. Highmark Marketing Inc. – HMK
  13. Big Rock Labs Inc. – BLA

New listings weren’t the only highlight, however, as trading volumes were equally as impressive. Over 257 million shares traded in June making it the third highest (so far) in terms of trading activity.

2014-07-19-Blog-CSE_Listed_Issues_webThis past year has seen a surge in interest from public companies large and small who are looking to enhance their competitiveness by focusing on efficient use of capital. In this regard, the CSE continues to be an important option to consider, especially for entrepreneurially minded organizations.

While cost control is key, many companies also know that growth also comes with increased exposure. The OTC Market Group’s recent announcement of the CSE as a qualified foreign stock exchange means that companies can now have enhanced access to wider pools of capital across the continent.

While there may not be a ‘magic formula’ at work, the CSE believes that there are key ingredients entrepreneurial companies need for success: access to capital, operational simplicity and, most importantly, choice.   As Managing Director of Listings Development Akthem Sumrain put it “the continued success that CSE is experiencing is further proof that there is in fact a much needed alternative in the Canadian capital markets.”

Like many of the entrepreneurs on and considering the exchange, the summer will continue to be a busy one. That said, despite the heat outside, the CSE and its supporters will be looking forward to a forecast that goes into the upper 30’s and beyond.

Seed Capital: Early Investment in Canadian Medical Marijuana Industry Continues to Grow

If you’re a Canadian investor, the chances are good that you’ve heard or seen a massive spike in interest in medical marijuana.

From pundits to producers and all points in between, interest in the Canadian medical marijuana space has reached frenzied levels, driven there by the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) announced by Health Canada.

Recent reports peg the number of companies that have applied for licenses from Health Canada to grow and distribute medical grade marijuana at almost 850 with more coming in daily. And while there may only be 13 producers that are licensed to sell or provide medical marihuana under the MMPR today, that number is almost surely expected to rise as those applications work their way through the approval process.

With regulatory, administrative and legal hurdles to the MMPR still remaining, speculators and investors are betting that the entrepreneurs behind many of these firms find a way to stand out and succeed.

SL_logoTwo such entrepreneurial medical marijuana focused companies: Supreme Pharmaceuticals (CSE:SL) and Cannabis Technologies (CSE:CAN) were recently profiled in a pair of pieces by Proactive Investors.

From the piece on Supreme Pharmaceuticals, scale appears to be their strategy of choice. With formal final approval under the MMPR still pending, Supreme Pharmaceuticals is nonetheless continuing to work towards its goals of becoming a premier high volume producer in the near term.

CAN_logoOn a slightly different note, technology appears to be the strategy employed by Cannabis Technologies. With a view towards finding innovative ways to deploy and deliver medicinal cannabis, Cannabis Technologies has its eye on adopting a pharmaceutical company-like model.

With much of the Canadian medical marijuana industry still in flux, it remains to be seen how the marketplace will react to the sheer number of names and providers focused on the space. On the Canadian Securities Exchange, there are a number of companies in addition to Supreme Pharmaceuticals and Cannabis Technologies that are active in the medical marijuana space.

One thing that does remain clear, however, is that interest from speculative capital is still providing attention and dollars to the medical marijuana story.

The CSE Quarterly – Issue 1 is now live!

The CSE is proud to present its first ever quarterly publication – the CSE Quarterly – Issue 1 is now live! The publication profiles some of the CSE’s most dynamic listed companies on the exchange, including the following listings:

RESAAS Services Inc. (RSS)
Gener8 Media Corp. (GNR)
Enertopia Corp. (TOP)
Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (ATT)
Next Gen Metals Inc. (N)
Urbana Corporation (URB)
Brisio Innovations Inc. (BZI)

Click below to access the full issue:

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Medical Marijuana Stocks: A Look at the Budding Industry

Colbert_Marijuna_webThe recent interest in marijuana as an investment idea is garnering more than just a little buzz from the investment community and beyond.

As the regulatory landscape around marijuana continues to evolve in the US and here in Canada the conversation has also begun to change. The concerns, it appears, have been shifting away from whether or not it is acceptable to use, and towards understanding circumstances for appropriate use and how best to structure as well as regulate the cultivation, processing, distribution and (of course) taxation.

While some of the conversation on the wave of ‘ganjapreneurs’ is tongue-in-cheek (see Stephen Colbert’s recent view on the matter here), the Canadian conversation is currently focused on how marijuana for medicinal purposes can be made more widely available.

The following piece by Proactive Investors, provides some background to the recent interest in medical marijuana stocks here in Canada.  It highlights two CSE-listed companies, Enertopia (CSE:TOP) as well as Abattis Bioceuticals (CSE:ATT) as emerging players in this space.

Another recent addition to the CSE listed company roster – Next Gen Metals (CSE:N) – has also identified itself as a participant in the hemp and medical marijuana space having recently created a division to address this market opportunity. Southbridge Resources (CSE:SOU), a CSE listed company, also recently announced that they are making possible inroads into the sector with the potential acquisition of Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Without question, the road ahead on marijuana as investment appears to be paved with uncertainties. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs and investors are already at work trying to find where and when ‘budding’ opportunities in the ‘pot-com’ industry are going to present themselves next.

For further context, read the full article on the topic at Proactive Investors.

Photos from the 2014 CSE PDAC Investor Luncheon

CSE, along with MNP LLP and Chitiz Pathak LLP, hosted another successful investor luncheon during the PDAC in Toronto. This event welcomed an all-time high number of attendees and was headlined by several companies listed on the exchange. Enjoy the pictures and we will see you next year!