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Welcome to Public Entrepreneur’s newest media venture – the #HashtagFinance podcast. Produced by the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), this podcast extends the Public Entrepreneur’s vision to shine a spotlight on interesting personalities and relevant issues in the Canadian public markets to a new medium.

This new format enables the Public Entrepreneur audience to listen in to in-depth conversations with capital markets professionals, entrepreneurs of publicly listed companies and other personalities that are driving growth and innovation in today’s markets.

As the Exchange for Entrepreneurs, the CSE knows a thing or two about realities of growing an enterprise from the ground up. Now having reached almost 500 securities listed with more joining every day, there is a vibrant, growing community of innovators on the exchange that investors and other entrepreneurs are keen to hear from.

These conversations, not just with the entrepreneurs but also with other capital markets personalities, keep the CSE connected to its original vision of creating a vibrant, forward-thinking securities marketplace that can benefit all stakeholders. We believe that these conversations will enable listeners to take a real-time pulse of the issues and trends shaping capital markets today.

We chose the name #HashtagFinance to convey a connection to the new reality of organizing conversations in the digital world with hashtags. This podcast will focus primarily on the world of capital markets but also will lend itself to a broader set of topics and personalities that fall under the broad heading of finance. Spelling out ‘hashtag’ rather than having just the ‘hash’ symbol is also a nod to having to say things aloud in the chosen medium of a podcast.

This is an exciting experiment and journey for us to embark upon. We believe that just like the Public Entrepreneur magazine, the podcast will also evolve from this starting point to become a leading content source of stories about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Thank you for stepping forward into this journey with us and we encourage you to subscribe, share and extend the conversation about the world of the public entrepreneur.

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